May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day... HUMOR! Who Needs A Laugh? #MothersDay

As I began to write this post my eyes filled with tears.  I was so overwhelmed with joy over the fact that I am the mother of the most amazing and beautiful little blessing. I instantly had this dialog come to mind where I was going to carry on about how blessed and lucky I was to have Oliver, and you all too. After all, if it were not for Ollie, I would not have this blog and all of you to share the ups and downs of motherhood with.

My rolling dialog had me going down the path where I break down with tears of joy over just how much of a blessing motherhood has been to my life. Then, I stopped that dialogue. I don't want to write that post, I'm not in the mood to be over the top sappy. I've decided instead to find some humor in all of this Mother's Day business. I mean, surely, we all will be opening sweet  loving cards today, so why not flip the script and have a laugh?

Happy Mother's Day my friends, I hope you have an amazing day fit for a queen.  

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  1. Lol amen to those! Mothers day here has been so lovely... until I had to clear everything up from dinner, clean up the kitchen, untie the dog and fix his chain(he had got himself tangled around the half finished fence that hubby was *supposed* to finish today), empty the dishwasher and pick up my sons toys - WHILE said hubby lay on the couch channel surfing. I am now well and truly back on planet earth, humpfh.

  2. I LOVED this post!! Mother's Day has been pretty fantastic so far. I've even arranged for us to have take out for dinner so I can start Monday morning with minimal dishes to worry about. I hope your Mother's Day is cruising right along and kicking ass!! Thanks for the post, especially "Say it with flowers" that one was my favorite :-)


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