New Mom Tip: The essential handbag must have!

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Diaper bags are awesome and full of everything a new mom needs, but let's face it, when you are running out for a quick errand is that massive bag really necessary? No! I have come up with a great alternative to carrying that heavy bag with you everywhere you go...

This is my handbag must have...The Compact Diaper Bag.

I have turned a make-up bag into a compact diaper bag.
What you see here is all I really need for an emergency when just running out to the store.
Disposable Change Pad, Diapers, Wipes,
Dirty Diaper Disposable Bag, Onsie, Butt Paste, Lotion,
Alcohol Wipes, and Q-tips.

I fold and stack everything up...

Cram it all in the bag...

Voila! A diaper bag that fits in a handbag.

If you have a super mom tip, please share.

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Marianne said...

Perfect. By kid #3, all I would bring is a solitary diaper and a prayer that we wouldn't have any "#2" scenarios.

AussieMummy said...


I was thinking by the time Ollie is three I would replace the diapers with knee pads and band aids.

Thanks! For having new mom brain I am proud for coming up with this one. I'm just so over the damn diaper bag.

Jessika said...


It has saved me many a time.

Kitten said...

As your child gets older, remember to stick a quick snack in there and to keep a drink on your person as well. I updated my "emergency" kit as N grew to remove the diapers and diaper related items and to add a box of raisins, a small juice box, one clean underwear, one clean tee.

With my bulldozer of a baby I may just need band aids and a Slim Jim

britmouth said...

Great idea! Thanks for the tip. I think I'll be putting something like this together today :)

Shana Scott said...

I like this tip! It is great! I've always just thrown everything in the middle pocket of my purse! My biggest mommy tip is to keep your 'pharmacy' stocked! Whether you use homeo or actual medications or both, always keep them handy. A pain and fever, a cough, something for upset tummies, something for restlessness and some sapositories for fever too. I make sure I always have this along with band-aids and savlon NO MATTER WHAT!

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