My baby was born breech.

One thing I talked a lot about on my www.tiredofbeingpregnant.com blog was the fact that my son spent his entire 9-month ride in my belly in the frank breech position. This really only meant two things to me, 1. He had to be born via Cesarean, which I was already doing anyway and 2. He could possibly be born stuck in the breech position. My doctor warned me that he might have his legs up by his ears for the first week or few months of his life, and worse case need a brace to help him stretch out and correct any issues he may have. I was worried of course, but unsure of what to expect I tried not to expect anything, especially the worst-case scenario.

As you can see from the photo he was born perfect! Yes, he was "stuck" so to speak in the "L" shape you see in the photo for a couple of days, but once the doctor started doing a bicycle like exercise with his legs he began to relax. Our pediatrician explained that babies who stay in the breech position after birth are not really stuck, but rather comfortable, it is what they are used to. When no injuries or issues are present they can come right out of it, or relax their legs whenever they are ready.

Thankfully he did not have any issues at birth as a result of being breech, so it was just a matter of time before he would stop holding his legs up in the air. He finally relaxed fully about a week after birth. It didn't seem to bother him, and it didn't bother me, so no harm no foul! I did have to breast feed him at first in the "football" position, but do to the C-Section incision I had to feed that way anyway.

Just like all of my other fears while I was pregnant, my constant worry about my son’s position was wasteful. He came into this world just as we expected him too, ass first, defiant and beautiful. Nearly a month later the only time he pops back into his old breech ways are when he is mad, not in the mood to let mommy and daddy change his diaper properly or when he sleeps. He sleeps on his side in the “L” position. No matter how many times we put him back on his back, he always seems to roll back to his side and stick his legs out in front of him.

If you or someone you know is carrying breech, not to worry! A breech baby is just an even more special baby with even more character than the newbie next door. My son is perfect in everyway and here is a picture of his cheeky grin to prove it!



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I am SO freaking flattered.  It really is the greatest!  Even if I only have 4 votes... I HAVE FOUR VOTES!! Holy Crap! Thank you again to whoever you are, my heart is all warm and fuzzy for you! XX

Tips to change newborns sleep habits from day to night.

Tips to change newborns sleep habits from day to night.

Most likely your first order of business as a new parent is to get your baby to change the night owl tendencies. My doctor explained to me that while I was pregnant I was rocking my little fetus to sleep moving around all day, and at night while I slept he was doing some moving and shaking of his own. This created his sleep pattern of sleep all day and party all night. Unfortunately it continues even after birth.

My son wants to throw a rowdy disco party in his crib every night. His legs flail, he cries out, arms swinging. Seriously if I turned on some Phat Beats he would pump his appendages right along. I’m now four weeks into trying to switch my little night owl over to my schedule, and no luck yet.

Needless to say, I have done the research, talked to the “been there done that” moms and tried a few tricks of my own to stop the madness at night. First of all, the one thing everyone agrees on is that it will take some time, most likely an average of 6 weeks to fully get the job done. So, my top tip is patience, then try the following things…

  1. Have your new one nap in a well-lit room during the day and DO NOT tip toe around or turn the TV down. Carry on as you normally would.
  2. At night turn the TV down, limit loud noises and do not stimulate your baby at all! For example do not do the things my husband does… for starters if the baby is asleep don’t go in there and rub his back and ask, yes ask the newborn, "are you an ok little guy,” or “ was that a massive fart or did you shit in your nappy?” followed by, “Do you need mummy to change it?” PLEASE do not do that or you will be sorry. Or DO NOT go into the nursery EVERY FREAKING TIME YOU HEAR THE BABY MAKE A PEEP! DON’T BLOODY DO IT! Sorry little animosity there… and last DO NOT pick the baby up every time he makes a grumble and then insist you need to hold him until he goes back to sleep… because again it is night he has NO DESIRE to go back to sleep!
  3. Start working towards the ever-popular "routine" by turning the lights low at the first night time feeding, possibly right after a nightly bath, feed, rock baby to sleep and then gently place baby in the crib and sneak away. I’ve been told to start early at the nighttime routine, even if it is just a fleeting idea in your own head.
  4. Remember, nothing is going to be a magical over night fix. I have just now given up expecting the sleep fairy to come and sort my son out. Trust me She is not coming, so stick to patience and perseverance.
  5. This Too Shall Pass… your baby will not be having an all night party in the crib forever. I can already see some changes, it’s just working one night to the next. Plus, they only sleep for a few hours at a time anyway at this point, so regardless you will be up all night for the first couple of months anyways.

Bottom line, everyone agrees with the nap in daylight with noise and then all quiet and dark at night. I am trying to be diligent, my husband now with his life threatened if he picks up the baby for fun at night, is being diligent too. I will report back as soon as Oliver stops throwing the parties and better yet, makes it through the night without waking! Holy Crap the thought brings a tear to my eye!


Post Delivery OH HELL NOs!

Post Delivery OH HELL NOs!
Over the past near four weeks, we (hubs and I) have actually said, “Oh Hell No!” out loud more times than ever in our lives.  Here is the short list.

Mom’s List

  1. Nurse: “here is a stool softener, you will need this.”
Me: “ Oh great more constipation”
Nurse: “Postpartum constipation will probably be worse than during your pregnancy.”
Me: “OH HELL NO!”  “There is no way it can be worse!”  My friends, it was 10 times worse.
  1. Still at hospital…
Nurse: here you will need to double up on these pads for a couple of weeks.
Me: “OH HELL NO!” “Those are not pads those are mattresses!” I’m not kidding, my son could sleep on them.  Ok gross analogy, but damn they are massive! 4 weeks in I’m still buying mattresses.  Just saying…
  1. At my post partum follow up appointment, a week after leaving the hospital my doctor asked how I was doing.
Me: “Ok, but I still am having trouble pooping.”
Doctor: “ The constipation can be bad, you may need to give yourself an Enema.”
Me: “ OH HELL NO!”  And I will just leave it at that.  Ladies before you deliver, stock up on fiber and drink ONLY water!
  1. Again at my postpartum follow up appointment.
Doctor; “How is your mood?”
Me: “Ok, I’m really tired and agitated and I still want to slap my husband like I did during pregnancy, maybe even worse.
Doctor: “Those are all normal feelings. Try to get some sleep. And try to go easy on your husband, you may have these feelings towards him for a couple of months post partum.”
Me: “OH HELL NO!” I’ve been constantly annoyed with my husband (11 months and counting.)  I may just end up slapping him with more agitation and two months to go…

  1. I was going to the bathroom around 4am, so all was quiet in the house, when I heard a super loud fart.  I can honestly tell you that I was not sure if it was my husband or my newborn son.  Both sound alike!  Total “OH HELL NO!”  moment.

  1. At my son’s one-week “well baby” check up, I had a couple of questions for the doctor.  1. My son smiles already! It’s the sweetest thing.  I thought babies didn’t smile so soon? 2. My Son will be sound asleep and then wake up with a loud scream, then fall right back to sleep? To both he said, “It’s Gas.”  Now, for those of you who read my pregnancy Blog you know I had a list of five questions early on for my doctor that were all answered with, “It’s Gas.” “OH HELL NO!” Is my family just a pile of Gassy Asses?
  2. Apparently there is something called a growth spurt that happens around 3-4 weeks, again at 6 months and then at 9 months.  When this happens to baby at 3-4 weeks breast fed babies will want to eat every hour. “OH HELL NO!” I cannot take the every 2-4 hour feedings.  A set every hour feed will do me in, and my boobies too!
  3. EVERY time I sit down to eat a hot meal, baby wakes up. “OH HELL NO!”  Please let mommy eat.
  4. A breastfeeding mom needs to drink a large glass of water at EVERY feeding to stay hydrated. Yes, this means I’m peeing like I am pregnant again! “OH HELL NO!”
  5. Shit, the pregnancy amnesia is setting in.  I’m even looking back on my actual C-Section surgery fondly! “OH HELL NO!”  I can already tell I am totally going to do this baby thing all over again..

Dad’s List

1.     Wife: “Honey, the doctor said that I might be a little/lot agitated with you for another couple of months.  But here’s the good news, I have had a revelation about it all, it’s not ME that is annoyed with you, it’s my hormones that want to punch you in the face. VERY HARD!”
Me: “Oh, no you didn’t!”
2.     Did you know my son can and probably will take a massive dump in the bathtub!? “OH HELL NO!” Looks like mummy is going to be giving baths from now on. While I hold the video camera of course.
3.     My son can fart louder than me! And he singed my chest hairs with his brilliant flatulence. “OH HELL NO!” I am a proud papa!
4.     Thanks to this Blog the wife knows my tricks. And I got in a bit of trouble for the bathroom mat pooping baby comment. “OH HELL NO!” It’s that or leave baby in the hall while I take a dump.  I need to keep an eye on him, he’s only a little baby you know. (Click here to read the post on "crapping with the baby on the bathroom mat")
5.     How can the wife expect me not to pick up the baby when he is “stirring” at night? He needs his daddy. Oh, I guess this one is when mummy said, “OH HELL NO!”
6.     Mummy says since she is breastfeeding and giving all the baths I have to do the dishes, clean the kitty liter and vacuum and mop the floors. “OH HELL NO!” What’s a wife for? (I know I’m going to catch the shits for that, but I don’t care I can say what I want!)
7.     The hospital bill came for mum and bub and before insurance it costs $16,134 to have a baby in American hospitals. “OH HELL NO!” In Australia we get paid to have babies!
8.     Doctor says I can’t touch my wife’ boobies or bottom for 6 weeks after delivery. “OH HELL NO!” She wouldn’t let me touch her boobies or bottom for 6 months before delivery. Again, what’s a wife for if you can’t touch her boobies or bottom?
9.     If you think your son is more awesome than mine then I have one thing to say to you. “OH HELL NO!” My son is the awesomest. He’s going to get me one of those stickers for my car that says, “my awesome son beat up your lame honor student son.”
10.  Mummy wants to read and edit my list before I post it.  Well guess what, mummy! “OH HELL NO!”


Breastfeeding... Want to give up? DON'T DO IT!

I decided early on in my pregnancy to breastfeed,or to at least give it a try. Then throughout my 10 months of baby growing, I heard all kinds of horror stories about breastfeeding-- babies not latching, milk not coming in, being too painful to continue because your nipples feel (and look) like they wen through a meat grinder... and so on.  So by the time I delivered I had pretty low expectations of actually succeeding at nursing.

To be honest, I thanks to the post delivery drug induced haze, I cannot even remember my first time trying to feed my son.  Sad I know, I only have vague memories of nursing in the hospital period.  Fortunately... or possible unfortunately... FTD remembers perfectly, this is a direct quote from his horrible Aussie mouth....

"Yeah, I remember! It was right after they wheeled you into the recovery room, a nurse came in, grabbed the titty and jammed it in poor Oliver’s mouth. He just started sucking, ate a little bit, then passed out." -FTD

Thankfully, I am one of the lucky ones that my son latched from the beginning and ever since we have been stumbling through the process together. Yes, my nipples look shredded, and yes I have gone through 10 packs of Medela HYDRO Gel pads, I HIGHLY recommend getting a case... Those things a new mother nursing gold!  And yes, I am nursing around the clock since I cannot pump... I just don;t get that much milk! UGH! Still, I can happily say that at 3 weeks in to this crazy journey, we have got it down! Don;t get me wrong, it took each one of the 21 days and 8-10 feedings a day to get it down. But it was SO SO SO worth it!

If you a new mother frustrated and at your wits end with breastfeeding, first of all, I know how you feel.  Second, it's not easy, it's not really fun, and it can hurt like hell! It is also so wonderful for your baby in SO many ways.  You can do!! Stick with it, it gets much easier! 

I have come up with a list I repeat in my head when I want to give up and I thought I would share.

First and foremost, I do believe right now while I am on maternity leave, my priority is to give my son the best I can. When I go back to work I may need to figure out another plan but for now I will breastfeed this baby!

Here is what keeps me going.

1. It's the very best nourishment I can give my son.
2. Bottle or boob, I'd be up right now feeding anyway. Ok, maybe my husband would be, but since he LOVES to wake up the baby to play with him at all hours of the night... probably not!
3. I have been blessed with the ability to do it. I was robbed of natural childbirth (even though I am VERY happy with my C-Section, it was not my choice) However, breastfeeding is my choice and thankfully I am able to experience this beautiful and amazing act of nature. Even if it is not so beautiful at times...
4. I am burning 500 calories a day just sitting on my fat postpartum ass just by nursing!
5. This 30-40 minutes is my quiet time with my son, I try to relax completely and enjoy the quiet.
6. This too shall pass and when it does I will miss it. If I give up now, I'm sure I will look back with regret.
7. Today I will breastfeed, tomorrow is a new day. I don't have to do this anymore if I don't want to. (I need to know I am not obligated or stuck, it takes the pressure off.)
8. Life is so short, and time goes by so fast, before I know it my son will be one year and a day and will not need boob or bottle anymore. I need to embrace every moment before it is gone.

Again, if you are at your wits end, ask yourself why and would formula make a big difference? As a mother of a newborn it's difficult right now for many reasons. EVERYTHING is a learning curve. I have to take parenthood one day at a time or really one task at a time. What I can tell you, and what keeps me going is that everyday it does get easier.

UPDATE:  March 15, 2013  

I wrote this post just 21 days after Ollie was born... That was 13 months ago!!  The time has flown by, and it will for you too! Relish every moment with your sweet baby, because soon your baby will be a toddler... Trust me, the time FLYS!!!

As for me and breastfeeding... I am still at it!  Oliver never had anything but breast milk until he was a little over one, I let him try cows milk.... 

It was not an easy road at first... I had supply issues and had to see a lactation consultant.  Thanks to her, I powered through my short supply by pumping every 2 hours and even 5 minutes on each side AFTER nursing Ollie for 48 hours straight.  I don't know how I made it through that, but I did. By 6-weeks nursing was almost second nature.  And now, today, I am so proud of myself for making the sacrifices and sticking with it. Oliver is super healthy, over the past year he has not been sick, had any ear problems, or seen the doctor for anything but well baby check-ups. He is bad ass and my boobies made him that way!  So stick with it girlfriend, it is so incredibly worth it!!


Lessons Learned during Week 3 of parenthood

Lessons Learned during Week 3 of parenthood

Mom's List

1. My son is 21 days old today! It really does feel like yesterday that I gave birth to him. I suppose it does go by really fast...

2. Time fly's when you live on a breastfeeding schedule. I feed him, burp him, FINALLY get him to sleep and think ok, what now? I have a solid hour or two, sleep of course! Rinse and repeat... I'm not complaining, it's just how it is right now. The days fly right by because I'm in a breastfeeding and napping haze.

3. The MINUTE my lunch or dinner is hot and ready he wakes up or needs to be fed. If you learn anything from me, try your best not to let this happen to you! It is inevitable, I don't know how, but it's like he knows when mommy wants to eat.

4. I've got this breastfeeding thing down now... of course I still have a few latching issues here and there but 21 days in, I can feed my son!

5. I read that when breastfeeding you should watch your baby and not the clock. That was hard until I read that breastfeeding is also a time for the mother to relax, rest and meditate. I really try to do just that now, and maybe that's why breastfeeding has gotten so much better. I shut my eyes relax my shoulders and try to focus on my breath and my body relaxing. It is very nice and has made a huge difference in my mood.

6. It's true if your newborn is crying it's probably one of three things, 1.Hungry 2. Tired 3. Wet. Here is another learn from me moment-- Just because I just fed him and changed him an hour ago it doesn't mean I should not check those things. My poor son cried for 10 minutes straight the other night because I was sure it wasn't because he was hungry, I was sure he was just tired, or worse was getting Colic. I called my sister and said "HELP ME!" She said, ALWAYS Check in this order- Wet-Hungry-Tired, EVERYTIME! Sure enough he was hungry. Oh it broke my heart that I let him cry for no reason.

7. We are starting to attempt to begin having a routine. Of course it's sleep and eat mainly, but we have playtime in between daytime feedings, i.e. tummy time, swing and bouncy chair with flashy fun toys. Then bath between 7-9 feeding and once I put him down at night there is NO, and I mean No (Dads this one is for you) NO STIMULATING THE BABY!! No eye contact, talking, nothing. It is hard to do, but I know if I, or daddy, does stimulate him, he will not go back to sleep after a feeding. Let me just tell you, That SUCKS!

8. An over tired or over stimulated baby is well, a bitch! It's very difficult to get them to calm down once they hit this point.

9. Thank you Gas Drops! My poor son has the worst time passing gas sometimes. It’s been awful. He will be in a deep sleep and cry out in a blood-curdling scream. The doctor said give him gas drops and it has made a HUGE difference.

10. Oh I love my son! I love holding him and smelling him and chewing on his feet and hands, slobbering on his face, giving him nose to nose kisses, squeezing him, and most of all holding him close and telling him how much I love him. It is amazing to have a human that I can love and hold and call my own…

DAD's List
1. Don't sign up for "free" baby crap unless you really need it or you'll get mystery SMS's from twats at all hours. “Sell your gold”, “buy a car”, “win a holiday” etc etc! They tell you to send "STOP" back to their number. Get some satisfaction by sending "STOP you FU*King Spamming USELESS TWATS

2. If you've followed the advice of lactation consultants and other experts by now you'll have a freezer with ice cubes of titty milk. Keep them away from the regular ice unless you like titty-milk scotch!

3. Don't get roped into doing family photo shoots by a professional photographer - the shame of the poor kid when he's 21 will be unbearable! Nobody wants to see a poster sized pic of your kid wearing a firemans hat while sitting in a watermelon! Lame!

4. Never too early to sell the crap baby gifts that you'll never need or clothes that don't fit anymore. Take this opportunity to flog off all the ridiculous outfits that the mother-in-law / whacky friend buys (the wife will never notice) Reclaim some beer money.

5. On your first trip to babies r us with the baby in tow...stand out from the crowd by looking angry and complain to the sales girl that you wanna trade your baby in for another one because the one you have is broken!

6. When the baby cries at 4am...simply pretend that you're fast asleep! After a few minutes the wife will go and sort it out anyway. Works everytime!

7. Take a shitty diaper out of the trash and leave it near the change table. The next time he needs a change just tell the wife that you did the last one and point it out to her. Sorted!

Ok… mom here again… Dad is in SO much trouble. Writing this blog together is proving very helpful. And he ALWAYS gets up at 4am… after I tell him I know he’s not fast asleep and the baby just needs to be soothed since I just fed him.


Lessons Learned During The Second Week Of Parenthood

This list is going to be split between the mom list, and the dad list.

Mom's top ten list

1. Just when I thought I could not get anymore tired... Surprise, I can! I can even function in some strange sort of way on only two consecutive hours of sleep. Granted function means, feed baby, feed me, bathe baby, bathe me. If I did anything else during week two I don't remember.

2.The older and bigger my son gets, the stronger the stream and further the reach of his fire hose.
3. Breastfeeding gets easier in the second week. However, it still is not fun, awesome, or easy. My nipples are still sore little mountains of shreded pain. But, I can see how maybe with time and practice breastdeeding will not suck.

4. Now that my husband and I have changed 44 poopy diapers each, we yell "not it" when the time comes for changing. There is no more Mr. Nice guy in my house. If we could train the cat to change the baby we would. Hell if we could train the baby to use the litter box, that would be epic!

5. While it's becoming more of a chore to shower and eat everyday, I do feel 250% better every time I do. Everyday I force myself to do it, even if it is right before I go to bed at night.

6. If I don't eat I try to kill my husband with words and dirty looks.

7. Unfortunately, I am falling back into that frustration and annoyance with my husband that I harbored during pregnancy. I'm working on it... he doesn't deserve it. I'm just jealous that he gets to sleep at night.

8.My son hates sponge baths! He screams and yells and wants his clothes back on STAT! I feel so bad hearing him scream and cry, but all I can think is that if I don't he will have an itchy booty and then he will really be mad at me.

9. I know why we get 6-8 weeks for maternity leave... thanks to the sleep deprivation, crappy diet and constantly feeding baby, there is no way on earth we could accomplish anything that requires serious brain power.

10. My son gets more adorable everyday and I miss him when I am not holding him. I LOVE being a Mom!!!

Dad's top ten list

1. Discover the "Baby Aisle" in the supermarket and buy crap that you will never need just cause it's 4am - Handy hint! - It's usually near the feminine hygiene products and the other useless aisle that nobody goes to with all the health foods.

2. When the diaper containment unit is full...put your hand in a plastic bag and "Fist" those diapers down until you have more room. Feels nice like a giant squishy stress ball.
3. Remember to check your back and shoulders in a mirror before going into public...1 in 5 chance of a big streak of baby spew that you forgot about from earlier in the day is crusted on like a dirty great bird-shit.

4. Diapers have a numbering system apparently...N means "newborn" not "night-time" and 1, 2, 3, means months...not years - smartarses!

5. Follow the wife around and check that the seventy or so electronic swings, mats, pads, sleepers, bouncers, light-show thingos etc etc are in the OFF position when she's done with them so you can minimize the weekly battery budget from $100 to $10.

6. When changing your son and he's naked between diapers THEN he starts to whizz and dump at the same time...quickly put the shitty old diaper back on and don't waste the new one!

7. When the wife has gone somewhere for an hour or so, take the baby into the bathroom and leave it on the mat in front of you while you take a dump. It's probably not 100% hygienic but the sense of revenge is very satisfying.

8. Forget about the Playstation3...it is DEAD to you...probably forever! Don't even bother thinking about it. Your wife is itching to explode in fury if you even glance at the controller AND then you'll have to listen to the "you don't see ME playing games" lecture ! Whewww!

9. The myth of babies having soft heads is bullshit! When burping watch out for the casual head-butt...trust me...that head can loosen a tooth!

10. Have fun when buying your wife suppositries, an enema kit and other sundry anal products...I enjoy watching the check-out chicks' faces when I slam them on the conveyer-belt...grimace, groan and then slowly plop an obscenely large cucumber, pineapple or summer sausage down then give 'em a cheeky wink!


Lessons Learned The First Week Of Motherthood

Since my husband and I are a couple of weeks behind on starting this blog, we have decided a couple of posts listing our lessons learned will have to suffice. So here goes week 1...

1. While I wish I could have delivered via natural childbirth, the C-section allowed us to have four days, four much needed days, in the hospital. Those four days provided us with nurses, a nursery, a lactation consultant, a cook, a drug dispenser, doctors and most of all answers to all of our questions! We needed a month, but those four days gave us a supervised crash course in caring for our brand new baby human.

2. Our son, while he is the cutest and sweetest baby boy we have ever seen, is a massive poop and pee machine. He pumps that stuff out by the buckets full! Oh, how I wish I had a picture if my husbands face when he saw that first black tar poop! Scared the crap out of him!
3. Silly me, I thought breastfeeding was this natural, easy thing baby would be a pro at. Ok, maybe he was/is, and I'm just the fool who could not get him in the right position. Either way, "easy" is not a word allowed near breastfeeding in my opinion.

4. My son has invisible piranha-like teeth, really he does! My nipples had the marks and cuts to prove it!

5. By the third night of not sleeping for more than 3 hours straight, the world stopped moving and I just became full-time baby feeder with short naps and half ass meals in between. I was quickly informed that this would continue you for the next four months and to suck it up.

6. Babies can create world peace with their scent and angelic faces. I think we need to send babies to the next world summit to cut through the bullshit and make the talking heads coo in delight as new parents do.

7. My husband and I thought we had an idea about how little we knew about having a baby, but it wasn't until we got home that we realized just how hopeless we were. We are also pretty sure our son has figured that out too, and that's why he cries.

8. Our son already smiles! I know the professionals say it's gas, but we say not! He likes us, or at the very least finds us amusing!

9. It's true, if you feed them, change them, love them and bathe them, babies are happy chaps! It's just a matter of doing all of the above often enough that can be challenging! Sometimes we have to change before AND after a feeding! I'm telling you my son is a crap machine!

10. Babies can eat, projectile poop and pee, especially boys! Always have the diaper open in the ready position when switching from dirty to clean.

11.ALWAYS make sure the boy's fire hose is pointed down in the off position nestled safely in the center of the diaper. If not you will have leaks every freaking time! It's embarrassing how long it took hubs and me to figure that out! Just because the diaper is on, it does not mean it's going to do it's job.

12. Having a fully hands on husband is not always a great thing... Especially when it's nap time and he won't put the baby down or take his hands off of him. Over stimulated baby is very real and will sabotage your...er his nap time!

13. A newborn will sleep up to 22 hours a day! Seriously! I thought something was wrong with him! Unfortunately, it's not for more than 2-4 hour stretches.

14. No one told me this, but a newborn loses weight once they are born! My son went from 8.4 pounds to 7.8 pounds before we left the hospital! They can loose up to 10% without it being an issue.

15. If you are going to breastfeed get used to whipping your tit out at the hospital in front of total strangers, family and even the person who brings the food in at meal times. It's weird, but for some reason, I always did it and like a pole dancing pro! Baby needs to eat, you will oblige, and innocent bystanders will watch.

16. Mothers instinct is very real and shows up quickly! I would even wake up 5-20 minutes before he would wake for a feeding. (I still do) It's amazing how it all works. The only problem I have is listening to my instinct. Please learn from my mistakes and go with your gut!

17. Newborns only need a sponge bath until the cord falls off and only every other day at the most. Cotton balls with warm water are awesome for the face. Beware those first sponge baths are difficult and babies HATE being cold.

18. The eyes kind of float around in his head at first, it's VERY freaky but normal. I kept turning his head and saying mommy is right here. I told you I was hopeless!

19. I thought my son was going to be a little eating, sleeping, pooping slug for the first six weeks of his life... Not even! He is filled with sweetness, good smells, smiles, a beautiful face and fingers that already squeeze! While there is not a lot of interaction, there is still enough to melt my heart and fill my world with bliss and love!

20. I've been terrified my whole life about becoming a mother. So much so, I just never wanted to be a mother. Now, I cannot and do not want my life to be any other way. I LOVE being a mommy to Ollie!

Observations Of A First-Time Mom At 3-Weeks.

Observations Of A First-Time Mom At 3-Weeks.
(This was written exactly 18 days after my son was born... For whatever reason it was never published, but reading over it, I think it is great! So here is it, published two years later....

That's me! A first time, I have no clue what I'm doing or should be doing. I read so many books on pregnancy while I was pregnant. I never thought to read one about what happens after pregnancy.

So, consider this tip #1 from me, read at least one book about becoming a mother, or at the very least baby's first month. I am living proof that there is some sort of "mothers instinct" because my son is still alive! Better yet, he is fat, happy, dry and well rested... Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for myself.

My son was born via C-section weighing in at 8pds 4oz and 20 inches long. I am now entering into my 3rd week of mommy-hood. It's actually been really great, tiring but great. My husband is hopeless as well, but a fully hands on dad. Which, is not always a good thing. My husband cannot keep his hands off of our son! I am constantly trying to explain over-tired and over-stimulated baby to him, but of course he has to learn the hard way. Which is me throwing him out of the nursery and rocking our son BACK to sleep!

I was terrified of becoming a mother. I am an aunt to four beautiful boys, so I do have limited experience with babies and with boys for that matter, but still its true, NOTHING can prepare you for parenthood. Granted I'm only 3 weeks in, tired as hell and slightly cranky, but I do love it. My son is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! Funny I thought being pregnant was one of the worst things ever (see: www.tiredofbeingpregnant.com), but now it was beyond worth it!