Super Spooky Halloween Crafts To Make With The Kiddos

Are you throwing a Halloween party this weekend or just planning to decorate? Below are Super Easy Spooktacular DIY Halloween Party Decorations I found while looking for decor for my party, and just had to share. The following decorations are super cool, easy to do and best of all, inexpensive-creative genius! 

Start with last year's candy buckets! Spray paint all but the bottom of the plastic pumpkins white. After they dry, spray a coat of glow-in-the-dark spray paint and allow to dry. Once dry, grab a kid to paint the eyes. It's easy and fun to do for the kiddos. TIP: Keep white-out handy for quick fixes. 

Here's a faster, no-mess glowing eyeball decoration.  Got to the Dollar Tree and grab a few pop-lights.  You can make the eyeballs below, orange pumpkins, bats and more! 

Here's an even easier glowing eyeball! Except, you better start collecting toilet paper and paper towel rolls (Cut them in half) ASAP.

Dead bodies!

I've considered making a few to throw in the yard on Halloween. Stuff old clothes with newspaper then use garbage bags and duct tape to form a person. 

This refrigerator decoration is super cute and easy.
All you need is three pieces of black paper or one big black sheet from the Dollar Store. 

Soapy Bugs!
I LOVE this idea. So easy.
You could jam a fake finger in the soap too!

While you're at the dollar store, grab white and red candles to create a bloody mess!!
It'so easy to make these bloody candles. Melt red wax over the white candles. TIP: Melt red wax on the tray the candles are displayed on to make more of a bloody mess!

Don't forget the toilet!
I've seen everything from a hand creeping out of the top of the tank, to "Watch Your Back" written under the seat. But this one is a first... and so friggin funny!
Poor Moaning Myrtle.

And Last... The Halloween Decoration sweeping the nation, DIY Tape Ghosts

The concept is super cool and looks easy enough! Wrap a dummy, doll, human, in clear packing or duct tape. Start by wrapping the subject sticky side out first, then sticky side in.  Once completely covered, cut the tape mold away from the person creating sort of 'seams'. Gently slide the mold off, and re-tape seams to create a solid tape mannequin. Spray paint with glow-in-the-dark spray paint and put outside for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

TIP: Start Small scale with a hand, then move to entire body molds.

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