19 DIY FAMILY Halloween Costumes Everyone Will Love!

Whether you're a seamstress or all thumbs when it comes to sewing (Like me!), the following 19 family Halloween costumes, anyone can make! 

Now, a few of these may look impossible for the average DIY-er, but keep in mind, you can make just about anything with these three things:

1. Cardboard and duct tape, both clear and fun colors. Need I remind you of the AMAZING Duct Tape prom dresses made from ONLY colored "Duck" tape?

2. Paper Mache, balloons and paint

3. Thrift shops, imagination, scissors and hot glue.

Like, the costumes below, Think Big punching balloon blown up, covered in paper mache, painted then decorated if felt and dollar store finds! Hello. Easy. Totally doable...

Remember, you need it to stay together for only one night...

Use a bald cap and a scarf

Use rolled up craft or packing paper.

This is a cardboard box masterpiece

                                                                  LOVE the wagon idea!

As if I could leave this off the list...

Is your family doing a themed Family Halloween?  What is everyone wearing??  Needless to say, We will be a Star Wars family too.

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