Diaper Rash Dos and Don'ts + The Mom Hacks That Cure It

*Today I'm partnering with Swipees to talk about the Do's and Don'ts of Diaper Rash. All opinions are my own.*

I don't care how clean you keep your baby's bottom, diaper rash is an inevitable butt-bully that strikes every butt since the beginning of butts time. If a raging diaper rash is wreaking havoc on your baby's booty, don't fret and follow this a three-step process and the dos ad don'ts that make it work.

STEP 1. Stop The Madness 

In order to truly cure diaper rash, you need to figure out what caused the crud in the first place. While prolonged exposure to a dirty, wet diaper is a sure-fire cause, there are a few other diaper rash culprits that could be at work here.

7 Diaper Rash Don'ts:

STEP 2: Treat The Tushy

Now that you know what's caused the crud, it's time to rectify the rash. Diaper rash creams work double-duty in that they bring instant relief to your baby's burning booty while forming a protective barrier between the tush and diaper. Look for all-natural diaper rash creams and ointments with zinc oxide. Or, go with the mom hack and just use Pawpaw ointment, Aquaphor or Coconut oil if you have that lying around. The goal is to stop the rash from raging on by forming a protective barrier of ointment between the beastly bacteria and diaper. NOTE: Cloth diaper users you'll need to be sure to use the creams specific to fabric diaper.

MOM HACK: Speaking of gross bacteria, it is ESSENTIAL you apply the cream in the most sterile way. I love love love Swipees diaper rash applicators. Talk about forming a barrier! Swipees are finger applicators that easily roll-on your finger creating a sterile barrier between your finger, the ointment and your baby's booty-bacteria. Think: roll, rub, remove. No more yucky greasy fingers! 

1. Roll a latex-free Swipee onto your finger

2. Apply the cream as usual 

3. Remove the Swipee and throw it away

The hubs uses Swipees to put on his IcyHot creams and while he's working on the cars. I use them to poke the plants when checking the soil, check heads for lice when there's a scare at school, and anything else I do that I don't want to touch. At under $6.50 for a pouch of fifty, they are just handy little suckers to have around the house. (Swipees are already huge in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, the website is, here. Until they saturate US stores, it's easy to get them on Amazon, here.)

STEP 3: Prevent Pop-ups with these 7 Diaper Rash Prevention Do's

Once you figure out the culprit and treat the tush, the last step is to keep the rash from coming back. Even if your little one's diaper rash was fleeting due to antibiotics, below are seven doctor recommended diaper rash prevention dos, to live by.

Do you have any diaper rash tips? Please share them below!


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