Awesome Gifts Under $10 For Everyone On Your List

The following gifts, all under $10, you will want for yourself, so make sure you order at least two. I own ALL of them. The mix of gifts below will cover everyone on your list. Perfect for white elephant, gift exchanges, teachers gifts, friends, and family.

1. An Old school or novelty magazine or book. Amazon is loaded with them. My husband loves the British Viz Comics. Not to be confused with the Graphic Viz, oh no this one is pure dirty trash. He reads them to me before bed. We have a VIZ subscription to current volumes, but for his birthday and holidays, I order him old volumes or the hardback 'Best of' books.

My favorite section is the ROGERS profanisaurus, dubbed the ultimate in schoolboy humor. It makes me laugh until I cry, and I have to admit, the hubs Aussie accent helps.

Speaking of potty humor, poobegone is a classic gift for young and old. 
At under $5, another solid winner.

I love love love my Popsocket. I've been using them for about a year or so. I even have the car attachment. It makes holding my big ass phone so much easier, is great for selfies, helps my son have a better grip on the phone, and stays up on its side for easy watching. So worth the $9 purchase. I once bought a kit of five knock-offs. they looked JUST like Popsockets, but the adhesive was not nearly as strong. 

MIND GAMES!!  I love brain teasers and puzzle games. They are also a hit at parties. Everyone will give it a go before the night is over. There are so many to choose from, and most all, under $10

Over the summer I stumbled onto portable fans. Then, I stumbled on to the greatest cellphone accessory ever invented, and it $8!!! A fan and phone charger IN ONE!!!  Seriously, it's Portable Phone Charger with 3000mAh Power Bank USB Battery Pack With Mini Personal Handheld Fan for iPhone x 8 7 6 6S Plus iPad Samsung Xiaomi Huawei

Because everyone needs a bullshit button

Have you been telling a politician to kiss your ass after ridiculous statements? Now, you can do one better, wipe your ass with their face! There's a slew of poli-paper faces to choose from, too!

For the golf enthusiast, there is no better gift than this putting green. They can sink two hole-in-ones at a time! I present Potty Putting!

Everyone should have a Multi-tool. They are great and come in handy more than you think. 

Parent, partier, sports enthusiast, Child, everyone needs a poncho in a ball! This is the greatest invention, a rain poncho stuffed in a tiny keychain. They are thin, but hold up to rain and double as seat covers after a rain. SO FRIGGIN HANDY! Did I mention a makeshift picnic tablecloth?

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