Teach Your Child To Type, Read + Spell Before Kindergarten

If you follow this blog and/or my social media, then you already know,  I'm all hung up on this new App, GameBooks, created by acclaimed software developer and first-time dad, Nicholas Nadirashvili. He created the app for his son after realizing NONE of his child's educational apps used the QWERTY keyboard, but rather a straight line of buttons in alphabetical order. A, b, c, d... 

With the help of early education experts, a solid team of designers, illustrators, children's book authors and some serious input from his son, the team created fully interactive children's books, or GameBooks, designed to teach children ages 2-6 to recognize and trace letters, understand word structure and syllables, spell, type and read.  (Download Gamebooks Here!)

If studies show it's easier for children to learn a new language than adults, will it be easier for a child to learn and remember the QWERTY keyboard at a young age? I'm all about giving my son a head start.

Thankfully, he is so consumed by the super cute characters, voices and sounds, he doesn't even realize he is learning. The app allows children to interact with the game naturally by bringing the entire book/page to life. ANYWHERE the child clicks the book will interact through sounds, words, spelling, and there's dancing and singing. It's just so so so cool! 

Throughout September, FTM&D readers can get a free no-strings-attached FREE 30-day premium trial membership, and get this, all you have to do is UN-click the box at the bottom of the registration form saying you want to try 30-days free. 

I know it sounds crazy, but that's the way the team set up the secret passage for my readers so you wouldn't even have to bother registration or a code.If you have a child who is six and under and learning to read, spell, and type, this app is worth the free download.

To get started with your free premium 30-day trial and be entered into the $50 monthly drawing grab your iPad and download GameBooks here. (iPad only right now)


The GameBooks team also would love your feedback, if you fill out a short survey you'll also automatically be entered to win a $50 gift card.

Then come back to this post and click the survey link here to give your feedback and get an additional chance to win $50!


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