Please, Do Not Do This To A Child #NAPCAN

The current climate of the world today is, at best, volatile. There is so much hate, anger, killing, and sadness. Worst of all, every second is broadcast through the media 24/7. People are talking in grocery store checkout lines about death tolls rising. Parents on playgrounds are expressing their disgust with a teacher or another parent, or worse, a child. Teenagers are repeating their parents and peers opinions about world politics, presidents, terrorism, the neighbors.

Anymore, it's hard to escape the hate and gossip. This is never more true for children, who are stuck at the feet of an adult or peer.

I beg you, let children be children for as long as possible. Censor their exposure to hate and horrible images. This world is definitely a big shitty place at times, but there is no reason for a child to know it. And trust me, children know WAY more than their given credit for. They also pick up on EVERYTHING. It's how they learn and navigate this big world. Unfortunately, they don't have a filter or self-censor to protect their mind, body and soul from the horrible things they shouldn't know about, yet. 

To drive home my point below is a very dark PSA that at one time was rumored to be banned due to its very blunt nature. It wasn't. It's just that in-your-face honest.

Australia’s National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, NAPCANcreated this profound and thought provoking 90-second public service announcement, Children See, Children Do, to show the impact your behavior has on a child. 

WARNING: The video starts out innocent enough with a child mimicking an adult walking through a town square talking on a mobile phone, but then the behaviors copied gradually intensify to smoking, racism, animal neglect and even domestic violence. This is not easy to watch, but it will change you.


Children See, Children, Do.  Make YOUR Influence Positive. PLEASE, do not do this to a child. They are our future, fill them with love, not hate.


**I received exclusive rights from NAPCAN to use this video on my blog. The Australian government organization, Children’s Guardian was present during filming to ensure children were not exposed to harm in any way. The domestic violence scenes had adults and children filmed separately, then placed together in postproduction. The scene with the child smoking, the cigarette and smoke were added to her shot in post production.

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