UNITED Is The Only Way We Will Stand #EnoughIsEnough

To The Reader, As you may or may not know, when there's a terrorist attack, I don't say a thing.  (Unless I'm being paid money to write an article for a pub. Please hire me!)  I'm always so horrified and angry, I'm afraid I'll go too far in the heat of the moment and write something so unpoliticallyfuckingcorrect, I'll be damned to social media hell with Matthew Weinerdog.

Plus, this is a humor blog about life's trials and tribulations. People come here to laugh and take a moment away from their own hectic life. If you want the news, you go to the news. You want to laugh, this is the spot.

HOWEVER, the Manchester Arena Attack, after the Arianna Grande Concert, that essentially targeted children, was so far out of bounds, I have to say something. Those fuckers have gone way too far. Watch out, here I go. I apologize now for the language and God know's what else will pour out...  -April

With the constant terrorist attacks around the world, I can't help but think, Terrorism, IS the face of World War III. 

I also can't help but think, if there's any hope for the next generation, this generation has to step up. There needs to be more focus on community and restoring faith in humanity. We're all fighting the same fight. Terrorist have no bounds, lines, morals, religion, country...

Not to mention, it takes one fuckstick angry at the world to identify with those ISIS assholes, and off they go with a gun and shoot up a mall. 

Terrorist are EVERYWHERE! Some asshole is probably buying a semi-automatic weapon off the internet right now, with every intent killing innocent people and children. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

While the military is fighting the large cells, we as a community, need to make our neighborhoods safe. It's time to create communities of compassion, strength, and honesty. It's time to check on the elderly and spend time with your family.

It's time to protect our children by any means possible.

Well, when I say any means, I don't mean vigilante asshole style. Quite the opposite. We live in a different age from our parents, it's time to adapt. It's time to fight for stricter gun laws. Let down your fear of invasion of privacy, and let the metal detectors go up in schools, malls and movie theaters. Until this madness subsides, if it does at all. There are too many unmedicated narcissistic psychopaths running around, WITH a license to carry a concealed weapon, INTO WALMART! 

I'm not saying these guys are, unmedicated narcissistic psychopaths running around WITH a license to carry a concealed weapon, INTO WALMART! Just using two dudes in a WALMART with guns for the fuck of it. No, because they have a small peepee, to protect themselves, from the crazy old dude with the funny pants in line.

Even though some days it's hard to believe, the majority of the world is made up of kind humans. If we can reach out our hands to each other and protect our communities, then there's hope. Work as a community to tighten laws in your area. Your State has power and so does your voice, make a change in your community, then state. Not only can it be done, but WE CAN also DO IT! 

You really want to make America great again? Go meet your neighbor and change with the times. Stand up and demand better laws that protect citizens, not the deep pockets of the NRA.

If nothing else, with so many hurting and mourning all over the world, just if only for today, please smile at your neighbor. 

Please, be kind to a stranger. 

DON'T walk around suspicious of every person you pass because of their religion, race, sexual orientation, or whatever, be kind to them and your heart. Love feels really good. I promise that smile will feel just as good to you as it did to the stranger... who may not see another smile today.

Thank a cop. They put their life on the line every day to protect yours.

I beg you, citizens of the world, come out of the shadows and shine a beautiful light from within. We've stood idly too long. This fight is on our home turf, please, let's protect our community, the children and ourselves before it's too late. 

Stand with me as I stand with Manchester and every other community bearing the pain and scars of terrorism. 


April is an award-winning writer and blogger. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more on April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com