5 Ways To Survive The February Funk

I'm on day two of having two sick boys home with me. It's freezing outside and my feet and nose haven't been warm since... I don't know. I feel like a caged animal desperate to run away Forest Gump-style. Which can mean only one thing, it's February. 

And also, the February Funk has nearly eaten me alive. 

Up until the day my son was born, I insisted February was the dumbest, no good, worst damn month. It's cold, boring, EVERYONE is sick... Oh, and don't get me started on the many, many Valentine's Day let downs I've experienced in my lifetime

Fearing the February Funk was going to swallow me whole, I confided in my bestie about how I was sure I wasn't going to survive this winter, at least not without a stint locked away in a padded room.

Me: I'm dying. I've caught the February Funk, and it's bad this year.

Bestie: Well...Find something to be happy about in February. Like I don't know...HOW BOUT IT'S THE MONTH YOUR GREATEST GIFT WAS BORN!! Or how about it's the shortest month? Or how about it's Great American Pie month? Or,  do grouch a favor day.  Or, pistol patent day. There is all kinds of shit that makes Feb awesome!  

ME: You always have to bring up the part about my son being born and National Pie month. So. Unfair.

She's right, I need to let go of my obsession with hating the cold and February. I have got to keep in mind that the cold weather WILL blow away, allowing the warm beautiful spring air to take over. 


Soon, my heavy winter coat and boots will be replaced by a pretty, flowy sundresses and super-cute strappy sandals.

Yes, this cold nasty winter too shall pass... 

Soon, I'll go from spending 20-minutes trying to dress my son in full winter gear, to spending 2-minutes throwing on his swim shorts and sunscreen. 

Most of all, winter's days are numbered. It's not a forever thing. Spring is around the corner. So rather than cry and feel sorry for myself, I should be preparing for the best Spring/Summer EVER!

If you too are fighting the February Funk, stop thinking about winter and start thinking about Spring and Summer. Here are five things you can do today to help you Survive The February Funk, and make  Spring/Summer  2017 your best yet.

1. Start blasting your winter fat. Today. Here are a few of my favorite winter-body-blasting workouts.

2. Plan your Spring/Summer 2017 Garden. Even you have very limited space, you can grow something beautiful. Seriously, one square foot and few hours of sun will all you to grow organic Strawberries.

3. Start planning your spring summer wardrobe. Go through your warm weather clothes and dump, donate, or sell, the stuff you will never wear again. Now, for the fun part, search for the latest Spring/Summer 2017 Styles and trends. Once you find a few favorites, see how you can make them work using your existing wardrobe and a few new must-haves. This way, when you shop you know exactly what you need! Believe it or not, this method can save you a ton of money. Knowing what you need will keep you from buying what you don't!

4. Plan a trip. Spring and summer are the time for travel, so plan for it!  Even if it's a weekend getaway, plan a trip. It does wonders for the mind, body and soul. Planning and saving now, will make that trip a reality later.

5. Set a Summer Goal. If you could accomplish anything this summer what would it be? Now, make it happen.

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