Grow Organic Strawberries In 5 Simple Steps. No Green Thumb Needed! #DIY #Gardening

Nothing annoys me more than when I spend WAY too much on a pint of strawberries, only to get them home to find the center three covered in mold. It drives me crazy. You would think after paying $6 for a freaking pint of strawberries, they wouldn't be crap! Wrong.

In an effort to save money, and my sanity, I decided I would attempt to grow my own strawberries. Since they grow wild in my state, surely, they couldn't be that hard to grow.  So, I Googled it. Sure enough, strawberries are not hard to grow. In fact, they are hard to kill! Which, is right up my gardening alley...

In turns out, Strawberries grow really well in "strawberry pots" or in hanging basket. All they need is water, sun and love. So, if you too are sick of paying way too much for crappy hot house strawberries, then keep reading my friend. For under $20 you can grow your own strawberries!

Step 1: Pick a pot 

Strawberries grow well in pots, hanging baskets, and of course, in the ground.  Pick the spot and growing contraption that's best for you.  I chose a strawberry pot because it came with the house. (Easy enough)

Step 2: Get the goods

You will need:

  1. Pot/hanging basket/ Topsy-Turvey hanging bag thing
  2. Organic potting soil
  3. NON GMO Strawberry bulb plants (I went to a local nursery and got 15 bulbs for $10!)
  4. A perfect spot for the strawberries to grow. 

Step 3: Watch the how-to video (not mine, but a super short and complete how-to)


Step 4: Plant the plant!

Step 5: Water and Wait

Most plants will bear fruit within 6-8 weeks of planting!

I'll keep you updated on our plant, as you can see, we have a few weeks to go...

If you have any tips, or experiences to share, please do!  If you decide to plant a pot, please share a photo on my Facebook Fan Page, here.

Happy Friday!
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