Parents, We Made It. High-Fives All Around.

This morning at school drop off, I have never seen so many happy parents. Smiles, all around. Cheery, Good mornings, were being passed between parents I've never even seen talk before.  Even the snobby bitches were handing out high-fives.  It was clear, not only was winter break, finally, over, every single parent was just as happy and relieved about it as I was.  

Oh my gosh, kids can be such assholes during the holidays.

I just spent two weeks either fighting my child off presents or explaining to him why there were no more to open. All while reminding him, a four-year-old, to be humble and thankful. NOT! Pull a pair of Darth Vader slippers out of a gift bag and say:

1. "I hate gift bags. I want to unwrap the present. Can you go rewrap it for me, and never use bags again?"
2. "Aww.... It's not a toy? You should've gotten me a toy."

Over the last two weeks, I learned that there will never be enough presents and children will never be happy. The more I learn not to take it seriously or even care, the happier my holidays will be. 

So next year, fu*k it.

Why even try so hard at getting the perfect gift, when it's really just a matter of wanting to open 1000 gifts, just because, "unwrapping presents is so much fun." 

I digress...

YAY!  Parents, we made it. Parents, We Made It. High-Fives All Around.

Over the holiday break, the routine ceased to exist, we ate nothing with any real nutritional value, including, brownies for breakfast. Being so Type-A, at first, it was hard for me to let go, but for the sake of my family and my happiness, I decided to chill out so we all could have a true family staycation. It had taken about a week before we all realized how important the routine is. But, by that point, we were too far gone, so we kept eating brownies for breakfast until the holidays were over. 

Needless to say, by New Year's Day, we were all ready to get our routine back in full swing. I announced no more cakes, cookies, candy, juice or carbonated beverages. 


So happy it's over it's over.

So happy I'm sitting here in my office and it's quiet for the first time in WEEKS. 

So happy the holidays are officially over. The kid is back at school, and I'm back at work. Let the decompression and return to normalcy begin.  

Happy 2017. Let the journey begin... Cheers to the next 365 days being the best yet! 

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