27 Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life TODAY!

Life Hacks. Oh, how I love thee...

As a parent, I have come to rely on Life Hacks daily, to maintain my sanity, humor and time. And most of all, be able to spend less time doing things the hard way and more time with my family. Today, I thought I would share 27 of my favorites. Prepare to be wowed and forever changed...

Tired of hair stuff all over the bathroom? This PVC pipe hack is fabulous. Cheap and totally customizable. 

I'm totally doing this!

THIS. This is going to make a difference in my cupboard of dangerously stacked coffee mugs. 

I made this a year ago, except not taping a pyramid, but rather clipping each ring on the hanger. It's not great since everything slides to one side. the pyramid looks like the answer! 

Skinny jeans on a fat day, fix!  

I need to remember this next Thanksgiving.

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Easy morning breakfast.  
This is going to me magic when my garden gets going!

Got a stinky house? Or son's bedroom? Try this! 


Finally, a use for the socks I've been holding on to for years, just in case it's mate shows up. 


I'm all about extra kitchen storage. This idea is perfect for holding all kinds of stuff. 
Doing it.

Flip flow organizing at its finest hour. 

Why am I just now learn gin about this!!!!

Want to have a garden, but only have limited space? Try this! 

Urban Gardeners... check out the back of your local grocery or hardware store. 

Yes. Yes. Yes. 


Oh the paint I have wasted...
 Not anymore.

Definitely doing this. 



Already do this... sometimes too much dirt gets stuck in the bottle, 
so poke the hole first, but it works

I did this. Game Changer. No sunburn or bug bites! 

I wonder if the paint sticks over this... but PERFECT for base boards and molding!

Have a bunch of unruly shopping bags? Do this! 

I love this idea. Even more than the hanger and shower ring hack.

 Want to get control of your linen closet? Fold the sheets into a matching pillow case. 
I actually do this...

I love the Lego guys. 
I'm on the lookout for a Darth Vader laying around the house. 

This could be done easy enough with a large garbage bag and a coat hanger. 

Which one is your favorite?

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