How to nest, prepare for guest, and love your home all over again

I have the worst case of winter-nesting!  I have been cleaning and rearranging like a maniac. The winter can be so long, and worst of all, stuffy. Every year I make it a point to de-clutter, clean, add a few new pops of color and bring in my houseplants. Below are a few tips I came across worth sharing on how to nest, prepare for guest, and love your home all over again!

Rearrange Your Furniture

Is it easy to walk through your rooms and reach all your furniture? If not, create easy walking paths through your rooms.Make sure everyone can get to the couch and the main seating areas in the living room, dining room, and anywhere else you might have chairs and tables. Your guests don't want to feel like they're about to knock into your end tables as they try to squeeze through to grab a seat.

Invest In Pillows and Blankets

One way to make your rooms cozy is to fill them with pillows and blankets. Soft, comfortable throw pillows make the couch inviting. Blankets are a great way to introduce soft textures into your interior design. Plus, they're great for guests who want to get comfortable on a couch or armchair. A couch full of pillows with a blanket thrown over one armrest looks much more inviting than a bare couch.

Get Houseplants

Houseplants add life and energy to your rooms, and green foliage is a natural pop of color that brings the outdoors inside your home.
Try to put at least one green plant in each room. Place larger plants in the living room, vases of flowers in the kitchen, and something small in the bathrooms and bedrooms. These plants will add a bit of ambiance to your interior while purifying its air.

Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces

Think about your home's curb appeal. Straighten up the yard, put a few potted plants on the porch, and make sure your walkway is in good shape. Next, turn to the backyard. Clean the dead leaves from your deck and take care of any outdoor furniture that has seen better days. Install an outdoor fireplace and some outdoor lights to create a welcoming environment in any season.

Make the House Smell Good

house that smells good is necessary. Generally, when a house smells good, the house either doesn't smell like anything or it smells faintly of a common "clean" scent, such as lemon. Eliminate sources of bad odors so that your home smells neutral.

How do you prepare for the holidays, winter months and family visits?

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