I Made It. So Freaking Glad That's Over.

Holy crap. I made it.

As you may already know, at the beginning of last summer, I deemed Summer camp extortion and decided to make my own damn summer camp. I thought to screw it, I'm not paying a grand a week for someone else to have a fun summer with my son, especially because I work from home I have the time.

I envisioned grand plans of the 'Best Summer Ever'.  Ollie and I were going to the pool and the zoo and do all kinds of fun outdoorsy things, with minimal technology. Best. Summer. Ever.

It took me about a week to realize that was not happening.

It took me two weeks to realize that the best summer ever was going downhill. Quickly.

Every morning, I would throw out awesome ideas only to be shot down with a, No, I want to stay home and play in the backyard.

Each day was more or less a battle to get through without losing my mind.

By July 1st, it was clear, he prefered to stay in his PJ's and lounge around the house or play in the backyard.  Screw the zoo, park and pool. All he needed was a slip 'n slide to be happy.

In an effort to not feel like a complete failure for not dragging my son to the pool, zoo or park,  I started to think what is summer all about anyways. Should I be holding myself all these high lofty goals of taking my son everywhere? Should I be fighting with him to make it happen? Is it even worth it when every time we walk outside it's so hot and humid I feel like I'm burying my face in someone's arm pit?


July and August went the same as June. Our entire summer was spent just doing whatever my son wanted.

Well.... I personally spent the past three months trying not to loose my mind. I don't know how stay-at-home parents can do it 24/7 365. It's intense. I tried so hard to remind myself that this time is precious and to enjoy it as much as possible. It was just so hard having my son GLUED to my hip.

But, I made it with a sliver of my sanity still intact.

In the end, I learned a lesson that summer is what you make it, but whatever you do don't make big goals to go along with it.

That being said, I am so happy to have my son back in school.  I've nearly regained my sanity, a clean house, and my work back on track.

Cheers to summer, but dammit I'm so happy it's over. I am ready to get back on our school/Fall routine. How was your summer?Regained your sanity and happy routine yet?

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