They Were SO WRONG! Four, Is Awesome.

We've all heard it before, "You think two is bad? Wait for three and four!". I would get so annoyed when people said that. Seriously, if I'm bitching about my life sucking, don't say, Wait, it gets so much worse." That is not helpful. At all.

I hated to think my kid could actually get worse! I tried to keep my focus on the good behavior more than the bad, and take his toddler ridiculousness in stride. Of course, the meltdowns, day and night potty training and demand for independence were difficult. To say the least.

So when my son turned four in February, I didn't know what to expect. Truth be told, I wasn't really hopeful for any big miracle change. After all, four was supposed to suck worse than two and three.

And then, it happened.


It was almost like magic. One day my three year old is being a little toddler shit, the next (about 6 weeks into being four), he's dressing himself, making his own snack, getting his own water, playing in his room alone and only minimally being a little shit.

In addition to his new big-boy abilities, his vocabulary is on point! The kid can carry on super conversations about anything for hours, and the stuff the kid comes up with is freaking priceless! He can also verbally express exactly how he's feeling, what hurts, hunger, thirst and needs.

I'm here to tell you, four has been gooooooood!  Four is NOTHING like three and four. Nothing.

My little guy is awesome. That's all there is to it. He's sweet, kind, crazy, independent, out of diapers day and night, and can play by himself and hold conversations.


Of course, there are still challenges, and struggles, but I truly feel like I'm in some sort of parent/age sweet spot and plan to enjoy every minute!

Oh my goodness, I love being a mommy!  (<----- Please, remind me of that when I past a huge rant on Monday when my kid finds a new way to keep me on my toes.)

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