Say, Happy Mother's Day, On A Global Level

I joke about the best thing about my mother-in-law's is that she's on the other side of the world-- I'm a daughter-in-law, it's my job say those cheeky things, right?--But the truth is, having her on the other side of the world isn't such a great thing. I love her dearly and miss her dearly, especially around birthdays, holidays, and of course, Mother's Day. She's really a remarkable woman. 

As you may know, we just returned from three weeks in Australia, visiting family and friends. On our last day, we had a Mother's Day Brunch. Even though it was three weeks early, we wanted to take her to breakfast. I spent most of the time apologizing for taking her son across the world. I feel horrible about it. 

If we could, my husband, son and I would visit Australia every year, maybe even twice! Unfortunately, financially that's just no feasible.  Not. Even. Close. 

Thankfully, after eight years of working through the challenges of having my husband's family on the other side of the world, we've found ways to make it work. Ways to feel like we are there--celebrating the birthdays, holidays and births, without leaving our house. 

We video call regularly, never missing a chance to sing happy birthday, or watch presents being opened on Christmas morning. Sometimes, we even get to see our presents being opened! Which, is nice since I order most of their gifts directly from Australian shops and websites. The shipping is a fraction of the cost, and sometimes, if the exchange rate is in my favor, the product will be much cheaper than buying in the US, And the flowers are so Beautiful over there. The Birds Of Paradise grow wild and line the expressway in Sydney!

I know you might be thinking I'm crazy to buy from unknown overseas online retailers, but it's OK,  I have Paypal. A.k.a  SUPER-SAFE-SHOPPING! I've been using PayPal for my business and personal needs for five years. I even have a Paypal Debit card. Seriously. Safe. (You get cash back with it too!)

In Fact, the entire time in Australia my husband and I exclusively used our Paypal Debit MasterCard (he has one too!)  for all in-store purchases, hotels, gas, and street vendor market purchases. Never once was I worried about someone stealing my details. Paypal is not directly linked to my back account. 

Sending cash to our Aussie family is easier than ever too, thanks to Xoom! Through the Xoom App, I can send money to over 51 countries, instantly! Eight years ago when my husband and I sent our first international wire transfer through our bank, it cost $50 and took three days. With Xoom, I can transfer gas money to my niece standing at a gas pump in Australia. Seriously. 

If you have a mother you want to celebrate this year and are separated by many miles, definitely consider looking into PayPal and Xoom. Both have changed the way I interact financially with family, friends and clients on a global level.

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