The Perfect Valentines Day Gift For The Person Who Has Everything #Shuttertoons #ValentinesDay

*Today, I've partnered with Shuttertoons to talk about one of my favorite gifts to give and get, something personalized. All opinions are my own.

The older I get, and the older my friends and family get, the more I realize we pretty much have everything we want. Well, that's affordable and within reason. Which, makes it increasingly hard to find great gifts. In fact, I've completely abandoned the old idea of going to Macy's or any big box store looking for a gift for someone.

Now, when I want to give a thoughtful gift, I try to find something that is either a personal inside-joke-ish gift or something I can personalize. Even if it's just a cute family photo in a frame. It just means so much more than a silly gift card.

I know I LOVE to get personalized or hand/homemade gifts.  One of the greatest gifts we have been given since moving into our new home, is a  personalized Louisville Stoneware Nameplate for our house. I LOVE it. Every day, I come home I look at it and smile.

Recently, when Shuttertoons reached out to give my family a personalized Valentines day gift, I was more than open to the opportunity. I went through the entire inventory, and just laughed and laughed at the crazy ways I could personalize some of the offered products. After all, no way was I going to personalize something with a simple, I Love You. OH, NO, NO FREAKING WAY!

In the end, I chose to personalize a 29"x 39" blanket with a few of my favorite photos. Using the Shuttertoons editing suite, I was able to create an awesome collage, crop the photos and more.

It turned out AMAZING!

Everyone who has seen the blanket has laughed hysterically, and then asked how they can get one. Since the blanket is not very large, 29" by 39" it's best suited as a baby blanket, or a conversation piece. I'm framing ours and hanging it in the hallway.  It's that cute.

The detail is certainly worth mentioning. You can see the faces on the people in the background and even the reflection of the road and trees in my sunglasses!

Truth be told, I was torn between the blanket and a Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Charm Necklace.

I would get the first letter of our surname with my son's birthstone. SO CUTE! However, the blanket is ADORABLE! I'm glad I went with something my whole family will enjoy. For many years to come.

I love love love personalized gifts! I can't recommend them enough. Especially, for the person who has everything. If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for someone who has everything or just a fun gift for a friend, definitely think about personalizing something. Shuttertoons has a bunch of great gift and super cute Valentines Day ideas worth checking out. Oh, and did I mention you can Cartoonize yourself, too?

If you're still hurting from your recent holiday spending spree, don't worry, I've got a plan, sign up below for your chance to win YOUR CHOICE of one personalized item from Shuttertoons!

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