I Need A Mom-Break Before My Kid Breaks Me.

Over the last two weeks, my in-laws have been in town from Australia. (They lefts this morning) I don't know how we did it, but we crammed two holidays into the last two weeks. We went from all-out Thanksgiving, to crazy Black Friday shopping, to Deck-the-halls Christmas, complete with presents.

After fourteen solid days of go-go-go, I'm an exhausted mess.

I barely remember sleeping.

Prior to them coming, I promised FTD I would go with the flow and drop my Type-A mom-ways; including not being so rigid with Ollie's routine.

As promised, I went with the flow. Though, the "flow" was more of a rushing rapid of non-stop-ness.

At one point, the boys had to hop on horses to keep up with their Dads!

In exchange for going with the flow, while still being the best damn hostess this side of the pond, I get a guilt-free Mom-break.

A 48-hour, don't-even-think-about-bothering-me, Mom-break.

A break from being the go-to ass-wiper.

A break from being the go-to Chef.

A break from being the go-to EVERYTHING, for 48-hours.

Meaning, Dad is in charge.

From 6pm Friday to 6pm Sunday, mom is off. Well, as off as mom can be.

This is my third mom-break since becoming a mother nearly four years ago. The first two came from sheer exhaustion, and inability to keep going. I stayed in bed (sick) for two days straight. Sleeping.

I complained to FTD that the only time I get a break is when I'm bed-ridden sick. He insisted most of that had to do with me being Type-A and insisting on doing everything. My way.

Sadly, he's right.

Well, not any more.

FTD and I have come up with 48-parent breaks.

When one of us is super-exhausted, the other steps in and takes over for an entire weekend. It's basically a declaration of, If I don't take time for myself to relax, I'll need a straight jacket and padded room. Indefinitely.

What this mom-breaks means is FTD has to feed, bath and put the kid to sleep for two days. While I spend two days reading, relaxing and doing whatever I want.

Of course, I'll still throw a load or ten of laundry in, grocery shop and organize, but I don't have to worry about my mom-duties for two days. I get to move around in the background without having to stop to make a snack or wipe an ass.

The weekend Phrase is, "Go ask, Daddy".

Sure, the house will most likely turn into a complete Sh!t hole covered wall-to-wall with Star wars toys.

No doubt, Nutrition and cooking will be questionable.

And without a doubt, bedtime will be pushed back an hour or two.

It's worth it.

I need a break. To hell with the house.

I think it is crucial that parents get a weekend off at least twice a year. Having two solid days to sleep-in, relax, read or do whatever, is renewing to the mind, body and soul.

Besides, you can only run on empty for so long. Would you rather rest and recharge while you're healthy enough to enjoy it, or just wait until you're so sick, you're stuck in bed, miserable?

I know what I choose.

What about you?

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