Don't Forget To Track Santa On NORAD! #NORAD #SANTA

Can you believe it's already Christmas Eve?  

After months of planning, gift buying and travel planning, it's finally here. 

You know who else is almost here?  


One of my favorite things to do  on Christmas Eve is watch Santa fly across the world delivering presents. For 60-years, The North American Aerospace Defense Command (They conduct aerospace warning , aerospace control and maritime warning in the defense of North America.) has tracked Santa's flight path, alerting families across the globe to Santa''s exact coordinates. 

I get my nephews all amped up about, SANTAS COMING!!!!  I call, send screen shots, send countdown updates... 

Something else that is super cool for the big kids is when Santa reaches a place, a little camera icon appears with information about that part of the world.


If you've never tracked Santa, I can't recommend enough doing it. I bet you will love it as much as your children. 

To get started, head over to


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