Mom Confession: I SMASHED The Mommy Reset Button #GoodTimes

This was pretty much me last weekend.
(Photo: I took this in Spain. They have the BEST Mannequins.)

Prior to having my son, I was very social. FTD and I always had something going on every weekend.

Now that I have a child, my social calendar is pretty much in the toilet.

I mean that literally.

I spend a great deal of my day in the toilet, talking about toilets, shutting down potty humor and/or wiping my son's butt.

Another reason my social life is in the toilet is because I don't have a solid babysitter for the kid. If FTD and I are going, so it the kid. Which, can be very trying at times. Especially when you go to a childless person's house and the kid wants to touch everything. (SUCKS!)

That all being said, last weekend, a small miracle happened, I went out alone. FTD and Ollie were down-for-the-count sick and insisted I go alone! The party was an annual affair thrown by two of the greatest people I know. (Thanks again Mrs. C and Mr. Ed!)

I had the best time.


I drank too much, ate too much, laughed constantly and all-in-all really enjoyed myself.

R-rated version:

I drank way too much. I dropped F-bombs. Out loud. made potty jokes of my own. I even smoked a cigarette! I was an absolute idiot and behaved like a child.

Best. Night. Ever.

Of course, the mom guilt inside of me the next morning was like, What have you done?! Two cigarettes? Disgusting. And all that alcohol? It's gonna take you how many days to recover? Oh, what have you done you stupid girl!

The me inside of me was like, PHUCK OFF MOM GUILT!

The fact is, I love being me with my friends. I love not being so freaking wound up and mom-paranoid. Now that I'm a mom do I have to behave like one 24/7? 

I need those days. I need to go out and be a foolish girl. And not only because I love letting go, but also because my freedom from my child is also a reminder why absolutely love being a mother!

Sure, the solo nights out allow me to release the tension and anxiety I carry around every day as a mother, and it's beyond nice to go out with friends and family and feel comfortable and relaxed enough to have a few beers and be silly, but for the most part, I do love my generally very calm and quiet lifestyle.

I call those nights out, hitting the mommy reset button. I feel so renewed the next morning. So I might be a little hung over. More than anything, I've let the little kid inside of me run around and be free, and in doing so, I feel great!

I can honestly say, smashing the reset button is just as much fun and exhilarating as this!
(Photo: My friend took this of me sledding down a huge hill.)

If you need to hit the mommy reset button, DO IT!  Get out and act like a kid. I promise, you will feel brand new the next morning.

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