DIY Craft Ideas For Baby's First Christmas

Is this your baby’s first Christmas? You certainly won't want to forget it!  Below are some fantastic Keepsake ideas you'll want to try! 

Photo via Flickr by tracyleighphotography

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Christmas is all about lights. Just before the holidays, get a head start and buy some lights on sale. Then, getting your baby to pose for the holiday card with a set of twinkle lights from Christmas Lights Etc, is simple. Place your baby, dressed in Christmas attire, on a nice blanket. Plug the lights in or buy battery operated fairy lights. When the lights are on the baby is immediately mesmerized. Taking his or her photo will be easy while baby is preoccupied with the illumination.

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell

Another easy craft is to make a headband with three jingle bells attached. Buy a red or green headband and three jingle bells. Sew the bells into a cluster on the headband. Another favorite -- if your baby has thick hair -- is jingle bell hair clips. Purchase tiny fabric hair clips and sew one bell on each.

Snow Babies

These pretty snow babies come in all sizes, depending on the socks you use. Hang them on the tree, or place them in groups on the fireplace mantle. Here, all you need is a few thick white baby socks, cotton balls for stuffing the socks, ribbon in pink or blue, a glue gun, and felt for the face and hair. Be creative, and make easy and adorable ornaments marking baby’s first Christmas.

Many First Ornaments

You can remember your baby’s first Christmas by making footprint ornaments. It doesn’t matter if they are one month or one-year-old. From this collection, the first ornament takes shape quickly, preserving your baby’s first Christmas. All you need is a frosted glass ornament; of course, choosing another type is okay too.  Trace the shape of your baby’s foot onto the paper. Then, transfer the footprint outline onto the ornament using carbon paper. Add glue and your favorite color glitter, let it dry, then place on the tree. Include your baby’s name and date of birth.

Kid-Friendly Christmas Tree

Babies love to explore. You have to watch them every minute. Your Christmas tree could be dangerous, but a Christmas tree designed just for them isn’t. Using felt make alarge green triangle for a tree, maybe two feet wide by four feet tall. Using colored felt, cut out ornament shapes, such as circles, triangles and squares. Attach the tree to a wall with double-sided tape and let your child decorate their tree over and over.

Grandma, Grandpa Gifts from Baby

Mason jar keepsakes are fun to make. Print a few pictures of your baby and glue them together back to back. Place artificial snow in the jar, then put the baby’s picture inside. Decorate with a fabric on the cover and tie with a ribbon.

Making ornaments is enjoyable, especially when it’s all about the new addition to your life. Take the time this season to show off your baby.

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