'Terrible Threes' Or Not, The Kid Has LOST HIS MIND!

There is kind of this behavioral 'Ebb and Flow' with my todller. He goes through super naughty phases, then calms down a little, then loses his mind with naughtiness again, only to calm back down to angel-child status.

I've come to realize the calm down phase should only be seen as sort of an intermission before his next ridiculous Act.

You would think by now, nothing would surprise me. I do, after all, have an evil genius for a toddler.

Clearly pondering "What's the worst that could happen if I pull the plug on this place."

This kid is crazy, and enjoys kicking things up an extra notch for extra fun...

Me: Oliver! Don't you dare throw that toy down the stairs!

Oliver: **Chucks toy down the stairs** **Laughs hysterically at me** ** Continues to laugh like a crazy person all the way to time out**
Me: Ollie! Get down from that fence!

Oliver: **Climbs to the top** **Laughs hysterically at me** ** Continues to laugh like a crazy person all the way to time out**

Me: Come on, buddy, it's bath time.

Oliver: **Takes off running.**

Me: **I give chase**

Oliver: *Laughs hysterically at me** ** Continues to laugh like a crazy person even after being caught**


It's really the craziest thing. The naughtier he is, the harder he laughs. It's almost like he thinks if he/we laugh, then all will be OK.


So, being that we are on week three of this mad scientist laughter, I reached out to my sister (Mother of two boys, 8 & 9).

Me: (After Ollie is naughty and laughs at me) DID YOU SEE THAT???? The little psycho laughs at me when he does naughty things!

Sister:  Um, Yeah? Hello, 'Terrible Threes'.

Me: What? THAT is normal?

Sister: Yes. Both of my boys went through this phase. It's just another test and way to express his independence.

Me: The kid and nature never cease to amaze me. When does it end?

Sister: Just like with every other toddler test, when he gets tired of getting in trouble. Stay consistent with time outs. Eventually, he will get bored and find a new way to drive you crazy.

Me: I thought it was partly because his parents are nuts and laugh way more at his antics than we should.

So here we are.  The kid is nuts, laughing in my face after he is naughty, and in some sick way, I find solace in knowing I'm not the only mom being laughed at by an evil genius.

I keep reminding myself that staying on him now, will keep me from a lifetime of naughty spoiled shitty-kid behavior... It better, or I will end up in a padded room before his 10th birthday.

What about you? Is your toddler laughing in your face?

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