Confessions Of A First Time Mom: I Have More Issues Than Vogue

So, I'm nuts when it comes to my child.  My long time readers know that, but according to my sister, an avid reader and critiquer of my blog, I've been holding out on you. Apparently, I need to let the world know just how neurotic I am.

This past weekend, a church near my house had their annual picnic. Complete with carnival rides and kids games, and my personal favorite, a cake wheel where you place a dime on a number between 1-120 and if the spinning wheel lands on your number, you win a cake!

Unfortunately, the weather forecast was calling for 95 degrees with a heat index of 100-105.

All weekend long my phone was blowing up with text messages from the National Weather Service with heat advisories and a reminder to stay hydrated, and if possible, avoid going outside.

Needless to say, I was less than stoked about the weather.  My little fair skinned red-headed toddler definitely does not need to be out in that kind of heat, on a black top parking lot no less.

 Our top of the ferris wheel family selfie

Being that the weekend long picnic is kind of the highlight of our summer, not going was not an option. So, I planned ahead for the heat.

My prep went like this:

In my handbag, I packed LOADS of sunblock, bug spray and a hand fan.

In a small cooler I packed:

  • Three large bottles of electrolyte water (partially frozen to keep extra cold) 
  • Two frozen washcloths- for the back of my toddler's neck to keep cool
  • A Travel pack of baby wipes (storing them in the cooler meant that would be cool on his face and hands)
  • Frozen grapes and strawberries in snack bags

Clearly, I wasn't messing around.

I don't care how nuts it sounds, I never leave the house without over-thinking what Ollie might need for whatever adventure we are embarking on, even if it is to an event a few blocks away.

My sister, mother of two boys (8 & 9) laughed at me, but in a way that I could tell she was more amazed, and even slightly impressed, than anything. She couldn't believe how much I had thought through the day about what my son might need to beat the heat.

For me, it seemed like second nature.

It's in these moments that I realize how much of a neurotic first-time parent I am, and how no matter how old my child gets, I will, in a way, always be a first-time parent.

The LAST thing I ever want to be is under-prepared for my son's needs. So, I over prepare.

Surely, I'm not the only neurotic mom (over) packing an entire cooler full of heat beating things?

                                    Riding the helicopter for the FOUR MILLIONTH TIME

Sure, I've been caught without an extra diaper, wipes/napkins or water, but dammit, once is enough for me! So, I over-think what my kid would possibly need before leaving the house... and my car looks like it...

I am a sucker for handing back snacks, drinks, toys, baby wipes... whatever he needs that I have on hand, I send it back to him. By the time we get home, it looks like I held a daycare in my backseat.

Yes, I do know how jacked up all that nonsense is. Am I going to stop?


I can't!

I'm driven by this first-time mom need to prepare and please.

See...  More. Issues. Than. Vogue.

But...   I'm a first-time mom, so isn't that just par for the mom-course?

P.s. Even though I obsessed about my son's needs all weekend, I still managed to have a fabulous time. I even made FTD ride a super fast and scary ride with me! As you can see, he was super STOKED about it!

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