Please Tell Me I'm Not The Only Mom Who Refers To Herself In The 3rd Person...

I don't know why, but I am constantly referring to myself in the 3rd person when talking to my kid. Its mommy this, or mommy doesn't like that, or mommy needs to...


 Now that I notice myself doing it, I realize both my mom and sister do it.

Then, I looked online, and found all of these funny eCards:

And this one, I think it all day long...

And how many moms have said this...

So, my question is, do all moms talk in third person? 

Are we all out there saying, "Please stop before mommy loses her shit?" 

Or are there just an elite few of us who could use an hour a week on a therapist's couch?

While I happily admit, I would love an hour a week on a therapist's couch, for way more reasons than my 3rd person issues, I wonder if it's somehow normal and just a way of helping our littles understand exactly what we mean.  Like somehow using the 3rd person referral is much more effective than the 1st person?

And what's even more screwed up is the fact I hear "mom" or "mommy" a million and one times a day, why would I go adding to it?


What do you think? Am I nuts? Am I alone in this? Do you talk in the third person too? Are you possibly a therapist who can explain why I do it, and if it's right or wrong?

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