Techtastic: This App Is Changing The Parenting Game #LYFELINE #Milestones

Just before Christmas, I was asked to consult on a new parenting app. Believe it or not, this is a pretty common occurrence. It seems like everyone is trying to create the perfect parenting app. In my three years of being a parenting blogger, it's safe to say I've tested at least a hundred. Probably more!

Milestones by Lyfeline, was the first app that really spoke to me as a parent. The content they had gathered from pediatric experts was mind blowing. These guys did their homework, that's for sure. Yes, guys. Two newly married dudes; one already expecting and one working on it. They were freaking out about having children, and started looking for an all encompassing app to help them figure out the daddy world. They quickly realized there were lots of apps with great features, but not one that had everything a parent needs to know, in a way they can understand it.

That's actually where I came in. They wanted me to help smooth out the expert content so parents, not well versed in confusing medical jargon, could learn from and relate to the content. I was so excited about all of the content, milestones and developmental activities they had, I wanted in just so I could get my hands on it!

This is without a doubt the greatest parenting app on the market. At least that I've seen. And dammit, I swear I've seen them all!

So here's how it works. Download the app, provide your child(ren)'s birthday, then answer assessment questions about where your child should be developmentally at their age. Once the assessment is complete, the system these two guys have built, creates a tailored program for your child!  I nearly died when I heard that. I've never heard of a program that creates a developmental program just for your child that adapts through every stage of your child's growth!

*Since the app only covers 0-2 year old, (3-5yr coming soon!) I back tracked Ollie's age to show how the app works.

Once the assessment and development program is complete, the "cards" are dealt....

Ready for awesomeness? Since guys are behind this app, (Two very cool guys that I now adore.) they made an epic game out of the app. So, when I say, changing the "parenting game" I mean it! The app flows like a game. You complete challenges to earn "parenting points" and "levels up."  OMG I LOVE IT!

One of the level up cards says, "Play on Playa!"  So funny!

Bottom line: The app is beyond amazing. You can create a customized development program for your little, complete with milestones to meet, beat and look out for. As well as, an ongoing assessment of your child's Gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, social and language development. And the best part, the app is PACKED with fun expert recommended activities to help your child plow through milestones like a BOSS!

The app is currently only available for iOS. (Android users don't fret, it's coming to you soon!) To download the app now and get super special First Time Mom and Dad access, enter code "APRL" and off you go!  Then come back and tell me what you think! Download now, here. (This is a soft launch, so the code will be necessary to access the app)

*I was not compensated for this post.  I did, however, work on the app's creation.

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