Hey, Parents! Don't Let Your Guard Down This Summer...

Three days ago, I started feeling achy and tired. I attributed it to being a little run-down after a crazy two weeks.

Two days ago, I was tired, achy and getting a little stuffy. I attributed it to Allergies. I am, after all, in Louisville, KY, the Allergy capitol of the States!

Yesterday, I woke up feeling like Crap-ola. There was no more denying it, I was sick with a summer cold.

In an effort to bring some good out of my summer cold, I thought I would remind you (and myself!):

DON'T LET DOWN YOUR GUARD! Just Because It's Summer, Your Family Isn't Safe From Silly Summer Sicknesses! 

Here are a few tips to help keep you, and your family, healthy this summer!

For starters, 365 Days a year:

2. Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing
3. Keep surfaces clean
4. Stay hydrated, even when not sick!
5. Exercise to boosts your immune system!

Second, eat right to fight off illness...

TIP:  To get your family eating some of these super foods, get creative! Throw spinach in smoothies or homemade popsicles. Toss minced garlic and onion in sauces. Make healthy Lemonade Shake-ups with crushed ice, lemon/lime and local honey. (The honey will fight allergies too!)

Next, take advantage of the beautiful herbs available all summer long... maybe even grow a few of them in window planters!

And last... for the love of all that is holy...Don't send your child to school or camp sick!  

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