How To Make The Most Of Your Child's Tech Time #MakeABrightWorld

I've partnered with Bright World eBooks to discuss the importance of making the most of your child's tech time. All opinions are my own.

Last year, when FTD and I decided to introduce 'learning apps' to our toddler, (Fully monitored in 15 minute intervals.), we realized just how beneficial toddler tech time can be. From learning to count, to learning shapes, colors and letters, the toddler learning apps were mind blowing!

Now that my toddler is just over three, I want to focus tech time on apps that help him learn to read and recognize words. I've probably downloaded fifty ebooks and reading apps, and while a few are keepers, many fell short.

Thankfully, I learn from my mistakes, and know exactly what to look for in fun learning apps. first and foremost, an eBook or narrated story of some sort. Once I find a story I like, I make sure the app also has Interactive Learning with the story and fun engaging educational games.

Apps these days have kicked it up a notch. The really great apps offer loads of learning with stunning graphics, some even 3D worlds to explore...

Below are my 3 main criteria when looking for the best app to maximize my toddler's tech time learning experience.

1. Find Fun eBook Apps with multiple ways to interact with the story. Right now, I LOVE eBook Apps. LOVE THEM!  The best eBook Apps offer multiple ways to deliver the story; Narrated, Read aloud by me and some even allow you to narrate the story for your child to play back!

Look for ebooks that highlight the word as it's read to help with word recognition. Right now we are loving how Ocean Forests lets you press a word to be read aloud! FTD and I play a game where we ask Ollie to find a word, then tell him what it starts with and let him find it. When he does, we do the, Whooo-Hoo-High-five, dance.

2. Real World Content: Anytime I can find an App that offers a fun story with real world content, I jump on it. Especially, the apps with content that I can learn from! 

3. Interactive games that offer fun and engaging ways to learn. While my toddler loves having stories read to him, he needs a little more out of an app to keep him engaged. That's why I ALWAYS look for ones with fun learning games. Preferably, games that offer games that add an element of education; Not just pop the bubbles to level up.

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