Looking For A Super Cute Mother's Day Gift Idea? Look NoFurther...

*I've partnered with Blue Moutain to start a conversation about how freaking cute a child's art is, and how to incorporate it into a sweet Mother's Day gift. All opinions are my own.

Before becoming a mother, I used to watch my sister get SO excited about my nephews' artwork. If one, or both boys, brought home anything remotely resembling artwork, she would put on a big song and dance. My sister would hug and kiss the little artist, while saying how proud she was and how much she LOVED the artwork. Then they would all walk over to the refrigerator, and make room for the newest addition. Which, was always a challenge since her entire refrigerator was already COVERED in art. Still, she would manage to find a spot, much to sheer delight of my nephews'.

All I could do was think what a great mother my sister is. Some of the art had like three lines on paper, and yet she still got so excited and hung it up. Of course, I thought it was all a little over the top. But whatever, to each their own.

Now that I'm a mom, I get it.

I remember Ollie's very first masterpiece. It was a penguin he made on the first day of his Child's Day Out program. When he handed me his off center penguin with funny sprinkled fluff all over it, my heart stopped. It was the most beautiful piece of artwork I had ever seen.

My eyes filled with tears. 
My son had created art. 
I was so excited!

I hugged him and kissed him, all while telling him how proud I was. Once we got home, after I had Instagramed and Facebooked the fine piece of artwork, we ran right over to the refrigerator and I hung it up; proud as I could be.

The second FTD got home we showed him Ollie's penguin. Sure enough, FTD put on the same song and dance. He was just as proud as I was.

There's something so sweet about a child's artwork. And when it's your child's, it's the most beautiful piece of art you've ever seen. Even the pieces of art that only have three lines and two dots; Your child used three different colors to make those three lines and two dots. And that right there, is some Picasso shit.

Being that Ollie's Art is AMAZING, for Mother's Day and birthdays, I always have him make a special piece of art for his grandmothers. They love his art just as much as I do. I normally find a great free printable, print it off and let him have at it with crayons or markers, or both.

So when Blue Mountain asked me to possibly share their, mom-approved, Mother's Day printable coupon books and Printable coloring pages, I took one look at what they were offering, and said, Absolutely!

The coupon books are as cute as they can be. There's multiple designs to choose from and then you personalize them to make the coupons for things your child can do, or the needs of your family. They are a super cute idea. 

And the coloring pages... More of that same cuteness. There's a bunch of different designs to choose from. I've printed two for Ollie to color, after I write a special note to each grandma, so they can frame it. Because, they totally should! 
To get your hands on the printable coupon books or printable coloring pages and all kinds of other awesome printable, click here. (1-month $3.99 or Year $19.99)

What was your child's first piece of artwork? And did you put on that song and dance to?

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