Looking For An Answer To A Burning Question? (Literally! HAHAHAHA) #OlaHealth #Review

*I've partnered with the Ola Health App to start a conversation about finding answers to your strange questions. All opinions are my own.

Do you remember when you were pregnant, and you would scour the Internet parenting forums and medical sites to find answers to all of your crazy pregnancy questions?  I know I sure do. Never in my life did I think I would look up information on what crazy cravings meant, or how to avoid hemorrhoids while pregnant, or my favorite, when will this ridiculous pregnancy gas go away. Don't even get me started on all of the millions of freak out questions about my baby... Baby hasn't moved in the last five seconds, is he still alive? Ahhh first-time mom moments...

And what's even more annoying, since none of those websites had good apps, or the forums never worked on my phone, I had no choice but to figure out how to prop both me and my laptop up, without melting the babies brain by resting the laptop on my plump belly.

Well, now all of that has changed! The NEW Ola Health App has those forums and answers, and sounding board in one easy anonymous app!

When the creator reached out and told me about Ola Health App, and how it was 100% anonymous and filled with everyday users just like every other forum I use, just without having to use my name. I was certainly intrigued.

Sure enough, all I did was download the app and I was able to go right into the forms and read questions and pose questions of my own. I have to say, it is nice to finally find an app that doesn't want my Facebook account info or my Social Security number and three more forms of ID!

I started by reading the "general" forum where recent questions and topics are being discussed.

I had a great time reading through the questions and responses, as well as the sort of status update comments where strangers just sort of started talking. Very cool.

Next, I checked out the parenting forum:

I found more of the same, great questions, comments and fun updates.

I have to say, the Ola Heath App is very cool! Being that it's free, anonymous and fun, it's certainly an App I will keep downloaded to have for those crazy questions on the go, or when I just want to see what people are talking about and jump in conversations. This app is great for those parents doing the 3am  feeding that no one is awake to keep you company.

Currently, the app is heavily used in New York! And you know how much fun New Yorkers are...

Bottom line: Love it. Download it.

To download the app now from the Apple App Store, Click here

To download the app now from Google Play Store, Click here.

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