5 Ways To Relax And Have 'Me' Time

Being a parent is a full time job and one that never seems to stop. As much as you love your little bundle(s) of joy, it can seem like a lifetime ago that you actually got time for yourself.

If you’ve been neglecting yourself then there are plenty of ways you can get back a little ‘you time’, once the children have gone to bed. Here are five great go-tos to have a fun relaxing night.

1. Reconnect with your partner
If you’re married or you have a partner, you’ll know that once you have children there is very little time for romance. The key is to make the most of the time you do have alone. One night a week after the children have gone to bed, dedicate a few hours for just you and your partner. No phones, no internet – just quality time together. Babble has some excellent ideas on what you can do together including cuddling up and watching your favorite TV shows, dancing or simply reliving your treasured memories together.
2. Unwind with a good book
Sometimes there is nothing better than escaping into an entirely different world. Immerse yourself in a good book. Not only will this help to take your mind off your everyday worries, but it is also one of the best ways to relax. Watching TV and surfing the internet can be entertaining, but if you do it before bed you could find you aren’t having the best night’s sleep.
3. Indulge in a favorite treat
When was the last time you treated yourself to something you want? Life tends to become all about the children and what they want and need. Spend your alone time treating yourself to the things you want. Whether that’s a tub of your favorite ice cream or ordering a takeaway or a non-food indulgence, it’s time to spoil yourself.
4. Bring a little excitement into your life
If your life is lacking excitement, there are ways you can add a little fun to your ‘me’ time. There are plenty of fun things to do Online!, meeting and chatting to new people and taking part in online competitions are all great ways to bring back a little excitement into your life. Guys, I know you love online Football Betting!
5. Enjoy a nice glass of wine
What better way to unwind after a long day than with a glass or two of bubbly? Of course, this can become a bit of a hard habit to break if you do it every day. In fact, there are a lot of busy moms who worry their wind down drink is turning them into alcoholics. As reported by the Daily Mail, drinking once the kids have gone to bed can turn into a bit of a lifeline. As long as you don’t overdo it, the odd glass once or twice a week really won’t hurt.
These are just 5 ways you can choose to spend your much needed, quality ‘you’ time. Every parent needs chance to wind down and have quality time by themselves. It is what keeps you sane and ready to take on the never ending job of parenthood.    

April is an award-winning writer and blogger. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more on April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com