This Is Brain Damage Free Baby Proofing At It's Finest Hour... #Rimiclip #babyproofing

I don't know what it was about the kitchen cabinets, but the second Ollie learned to crawl, he became obsessed with them. It never failed that I would set him down in the living room, and immediately he'd crawl to the kitchen. I swear I fed that boy! But, I'm pretty sure, food wasn't what he was after. He wanted the pots and pans, and anything else he could yank out of the cabinets. Needless to say, I went right out and got the baby proof cabinet clips.

When I got home with clips, I was pissed when I saw I had to screw them in! Childproofing only lasts a short time, so why do I have to drill holes in my cabinets? #dumb

So, when Erik Hansen, a designer and inventor from San Diego, reached out about his newest invention, a screw free kitchen cabinet baby proofing lock, I said, IT'S ABOUT TIME! Prove it.  

Sure enough, it turns out, Rimiclip installs instantly on your cabinets, requires absolutely NO TOOLS OR SCREWS, and causes no permanent damage to your cabinet doors or frames! All you do is put the clip on the door, slide the arm into the slots on the back of the clip, and close the door…That’s it! No drills, no screwdrivers, no screws! No frustration!

Check this out...

So easy!  So here's the thing, you can't get Rimiclips right this second...

After nearly 2 years of development, hundreds of prototypes, multiple test families, and countless hours of 3D printing, Erik is ready to bring the Rimiclip to market! So, Erik is crowdfunding the Rimiclip on Go Fund Me

By contributing to the campaign today, you will get your hands on Rimiclips before they hit the stores! All the manufacturing is done in the USA. 

To reserve your set of Rimiclips today, click here!


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