Savoring Those Simple Summer Moments #TheMeaningOfLife #SlowDown

Watching my sweet little baby turn into a wild toddler, and now, an all-knowing sassy little boy, I can't help but want to hit the brakes.


I want to freeze time for just a little while.

I want to savor those sweet little puffy cheeks a little longer.
I want to savor that sweet little baby voice saying, "I love you, mommy." just a little longer.
I want to savor the feeling of holding my little guy close after a nap.

I love those sweet, simple moments SO much. The last thing I want to do is let them slip by without savoring every single second.

Something else I've realized is that those sweet moments are almost all, simple. There's no big vacation, no big toy, no big party, just a quiet, sweet moment shared between my son and I.

I love that so much.

My want to savor sweet moments is nothing new, but sometimes life gets going so fast, I forget. Thankfully, the idea was renewed within me yesterday, when to my great surprise, familiar bells and a creepy song came blaring down my street; the ice cream was coming.

The next thing I know, Ollie was shouting, THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING!!! 

FTD was shouting, GET THE MONEY!!!

I was shouting, WHERE'S THE CAMERA???

Picture: Total. Excited. Chaos.

That poor ice cream man had no idea what kind of mistake he made turning down our street!

But, he quickly learned...

OH!  FYI: The ice cream man is accepting major credit cards now. "Sorry, Kid, no cash," will no longer work...

While sitting on the curb, eating my favorite strawberry shortcake pop, with Ollie in my lap, I said a little prayer of thanks. The moment was pure bliss.

The air was warm. The ice cream was tasty. My son was in my lap and adorable.


That moment was one of those that makes you think you've figured out the meaning of life. 

Maybe I did.

Maybe reminding myself to savor the simple moments this summer, and store them in my heart, is the meaning of life.

Enjoy the simple, sweet moments, because the sum make for a wonderful life. 

I'm so blessed to live in a country where I am free to choose my path, and enjoy simple moments on the curb with my son. The last thing I want to do is waste them.

This summer, I am going to do my best to slow down and savor the simple moments  I am going to remind FTD and my son to do the same.  And now, I'm reminding you to do the same.

Life goes by so fast. The last thing I want to do is let those precious sweet moments, that make me smile and fill my heart with joy, pass before slowing down to savor every second.

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