Presenting The True King Of Our House, Professor, The Cat. #NutrishZeroGrain #RachaelRay

My long time readers know of Professor, my GIANT long-haired Main Coon. He is so so so so awesome. I got him as a rescue when he was estimated to be about a year old. He was an Alley cat, and had a huge abscess behind his right ear from a fight. Still, he was magnificent! Professor had the most muscular legs I've ever seen on a cat, and this crazy mane of hair around his ears that made him look like a cross between a raccoon and tiger. 

I've had Professor for eleven years now. He's stuck with me through my rowdy twenties, a few trips to grandma's house while I lived in Australia, and then, through a new baby.  I was so worried while I was pregnant about how Ollie and the Professor would take to each other. I didn't know if Professor would get jealous and claw the new baby's eyes out, or if the new baby would be deathly allergic.  Thankfully, neither were the case... though I am sure once Ollie started walking, Professor thought about clawing the kid a few times.

Between the move and the toddler, over the last year I have had a horrible time with Professor's diet. I'm not sure if the move, coupled with him being nearly twelve and the crazy toddler, are stressing him out, or what! 

To combat his grumpiness, I make it a point to play with him daily, brush him weekly, and of course, cuddle with him as much as he will let me. He is, after all, a cat. EVERYTHING is on his terms!

So, when I was given the opportunity to review Rachael Ray's Nutrish ZERO Grain Cat Food, I jumped on it. For two reasons:

1. I LOVE Rachael Ray! Like, love love love love love love LOVE! I watch her show daily, and am constantly showing off my cooking skills and hacks I learned on her show, finishing with,"Rachael Ray taught it to me."  So, just by proxy of loving the crap out of her, I said YES PLEASE!
Rachael Ray is HUGE animal advocate. She took the smart road and opted for four legged children. So, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if Rachael Ray was putting her name on this food, it was going to be made with the healthiest safest ingredients for animals. Rachael Ray does't play around, folks!

Sure enough, when the bag of cat food arrived (Complete with toy!), after reading through the ingredients I knew I made the right choice, the ingredients are INCREDIBLE!
ZERO Grain Whitefish And Potato
    • Real whitefish is the #1 ingredient: A tasty and highly digestible protein that helps to maintain strong muscles and helps minimize litter box odors.
    • wholesome potatoes, peas and carrots, plus the vitamins, minerals and taurine that your cat needs for a complete and balanced diet.
    • Zero grains, glutens or fillers
    • Zero meat or poultry by-product meal
    • Zero artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
    • First zero grain dry cat formula from Rachael Ray Nutrish
Over the course of 10 days, I SLOWLY switched Professor from his current food to Rachael Ray's Nutrish Zero Grain Whitefish and Sweet Potato. 

HE LOVES IT!  I've been so worried about him eating well! What a relief to know he's eating nutritious food that he actually likes. 

We are on our second bag already, and I got to buy it with a $3 off coupon!  Download your's here.

For more Information about Rachael Ray's Nutrish ZERO Grain Pet Food, check it out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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