Jewelry Is A Bacteria Breeding Ground. AquaSonic Wave Will Save You! #MOMSREADTHIS #Review

*I've partnered with AquaSonic Wave to start a conversation about poop fingers and mashed potato earrings. Sound familiar?  All opinions are my own...

A short story
April McCormick

A Mother And Her Jewelry 

I love jewelry. 
Then, my wedding ring got pooped on.
I stopped wearing rings.

Then my earrings got mashed sweet potatoes smashed into them.
I stopped wearing earrings.

Then my baby turned into a toddler.
Scared, I still only wear my wedding ring at home.

The End.

Oh, it was the worst thing! I changed a super diaper blowout, washed and scrubbed my hands and still could smell poop.  It was driving me crazy. Then I saw it jammed in the stone setting of my wedding ring.

Oh. My. VOMIT.

Then there were the (many) times I would pick up a very messy Ollie from his highchair, and have sweet potatoes or avocado smashed into my earrings while he'd try to rip them out.

Once the blowouts ceased to exist, last month when Ollie became fully potty trained, I started wearing my jewelry more regularly. 

But, I still can't help but freak-out about keeping everything clean. The amount of crap, crud and scary bacteria that gets stuck, and grows, in the tiny cracks and crevasses of jewelry, are deadly! 

So, when the opportunity presented itself to test out the AquaSonic Wave Jewelry cleaner, I was all for it. The little contraption looked GENIUS!

The AquaSonic Wave, is a jewelry cleaner you pop, full of your jewelry, in the dishwasher! Yes, the dishwasher. So you can stick all kinds of jewelry in at once, toss AquaSonic wave in with the dinner dishes, and boom, ALL of your jewelry is clean!

Of course, I started thinking of all kinds of small pieces and parts of Ollie's toys and drinking cup lids that I want jam in the AquaSonic Wave too. 

Here is a video of a home demonstration:

Pretty cool, right? The mesh outer cover keeps even the smallest of gems from escaping. Plus, the steal mesh also keeps the jewelry safe while in the wash cycle. You can even run a sanitizing cycle!

FTD's father was a jeweler, so I immediately asked him what he thought, and if I should worry about my silver or stones. He took one look, and loved it! He said it was super safe and a great idea. So in went all of my jewelry, I added the provided Antibacterial Hydro cleaning gel into the specified ridge, then threw the AquaSonicWave, FULL of earrings, rings and bracelets, on to the top rack of my dishwasher... 

I was floored by how clean and nice everything looked. I will never soak then scrub ring by ring again!


If you too have poop finger, or smashed potato earring issues, and want an AquaSonic Wave, you can order it now with a $9.50 discount, use MD950 at checkout, click here!  (Oh! And take advantage of the 1-year supply of anti-bacterial gel for only $12.95 because that will in time go up to $25.00!)

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