Every Mother Should Be In THIS Book #BESTMothersDayGiftEVER #ALetterToMyMom

In a very shocking and wonderful twist of fate, I have been given the opportunity to share my greatest writing achievement (so far!) with my mother. Being that I'm still in complete shock, I've actually been sitting on this exciting news for a little over a week. I think I have been in disbelief. The honor is truly overwhelming... 

My friends, and dear readers, I have been published in the most amazing and beautiful book; 

A Letter To My Mom
Created by, Lisa Erspamer

A Letter To My Mom, is a compilation of letters that celebrates the women who have shaped the lives of so many. You would not believe the people in this book who have poured their hearts out to the women who've shaped their lives! Ready for this... I've been published next to Dr. Phil! 

I was floored as I flipped through the pages to see, Shania Twain, will.i.am, Christy Turlington, Monica Lewinsky, Kelly Osbourne, Josh Groban, ...and OMG! SARAH FERGUSON, The Duchess of York! (Holy crap! I'm published next to royalty!) My eyes filled with tears while reading Melissa Rivers' letter. So So So touching.

But nothing was more touching, and rewarding, than handing the book to my mother. We both cried together...

"I wonder if you knew back then just how much it would mean to your children now.  I wonder if you knew your unconditional love and strength would finally be noticed and appreciated." -Me

Isn't my mother beautiful?  And yes, that's me on roller skates! My mom was convinced I'd be a roller derby girl one day since I was badass on my skates... and pretty much refused to take them off, except for school and sleep.

I feel so blessed to be able to share this book with my mother. It's a major writing milestone for me, so the fact that it was met through a letter to my mom... it's amazing. My mother is the reason I started writing. She has encouraged me every step of the way. 

This Mother's Day, I cannot recommend enough writing a letter to your mom, or the woman who nurtured and shaped your life. I also can't recommend enough that you put it in this book and give it as a touching gift for Mother's Day. Because, every wonderful mother deserves to be in this book...

A Letter To My Mom, is available at major book stores, or order online from Amazon, Random House Or Indie Bound...

A few edits have been made since first publishing the letter on my blog, but if you would like to read the original letter, you can find it here.

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