Ever Wonder How Kids Interact When Adults Aren't Looking? #KidCam #Wondershare

April 15th doesn't only signify tax day in my house, it's also FTD's Birthday! So this year I decided to get him the best gift ever. One that would double as a "family gift." I got him a GoPro.  Yes, I spent the money... and actually managed to not throw-up at checkout!

Of course, being the IT Engineer that he is, he freaked out that I spent the money on the real thing, and not a "knockoff".

Ungrateful Bastard!

Though, we are talking the difference between $100-300!  So yeah, if you are considering a GoPro, do the research on the comparable products out there. Especially, on Amazon. I justified the cost because that thing is a family gift. We can capture the best moments, and holy crap, the quality is just OUTSTANDING!

In the two weeks that we have had it, FTD has had the best time with it. And so has Ollie! So, for a Friday Fun Day special treat, I want to share our first family video made with FTD's new toy!

Last weekend we were kindly invited to a super fun party to celebrate Thunder Over Louisville--The largest fireworks display in the North America. Needless to say, we took video the entire time! Like six hours of footage! Whether it was strapped to Ollie's head, FTD's head or another child's head, the footage was too funny!

Just wait until you see the incredible quality too!

**A special thanks goes to Wondershare for giving FTD a copy of the insanely easy to use, Wondershare Video Editor. Hands down, it's the very best online video editing software we have ever used. FTD was blown away by the effects and the ease of use. The things FTD was able to do in THREE MINUTES of editing were fantastic.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our crazy life...


SEE!  The quality is AMAZING! I am so happy we now have something with better quality than our phones to record special family moments.  While, yes, the money set us back... and I wish I would have bought a knockoff... Having it is so super cool. Expect plenty more of these videos to come!

Howdy N00bs! FTD here! YES...it's true. you CAN literally make a HD video within 3 minutes full with special effects, animations and a pumping soundtrack!  

Wondershare have realised that there is a huge market of novice users who simply don't WANT to sit down and learn how to splice video, setup timelines and meticulously go frame by frame editing stuff. They just want a quality video to whack onto the Youtube or the bloody facebooks!

SO they split the software into an EASY and ADVANCED mode. Select 'easy', choose the video files that you want to add, lay down some music  and a theme AND YOU'RE DONE! 

After the video is processed you can select from a HUGE range of output formats and resolutions up to FULL 1080P HD.  They even simplify the upload process so you can upload directly to facebook, youtube or Vimeo directly from the editor! EASY! 

The advanced mode is PACKED with outstanding features but includes detailed video help files too. You can start with the basics and learn to do amazing things over time - even green screen! 

Contrary to what April says above, I didn't use even a TENTH of the features, templates, animations and plug-ins to do this video - there are THOUSANDS of options.

SO...if you're looking for an awesome little piece of Video-editing software that runs on MAC or PC that's packed with features and easy to use...YOU'VE FOUND IT! Check it out here!

How does your family record special or exciting moments?

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