#DIY 6ft Privacy Fence For Under $300

Being that we bought a 100 year old fixer upper house almost a year ago, you can imagine that our to-do list was out of control! We actually had three lists.

  • NOW!-- Must do within 6 months
  • Soon-- Complete in a year or two
  • Later... -- 5 year plan.

The three lists allowed us to set reasonable expectations for how long it was actually going to take to finish ALL of the things we wanted to do. (a.k.a the rest of our lives.) Still, the 'NOW!' list was a must do in the first 6 months, so we stayed on top of it.


  1. Cover the asbestos floors
  2. Pull up the dog-destroyed piss carpet 
  3. Build a privacy fence. 

We managed to take care of one and two before moving in. The fence proved to be an issue...

Being that we live on a corner lot, having a privacy fence was HUGE for me. Unfortunately, the $2500 price tag was most definitely NOT in our budget. Plus, we had an existing metal chain-link fence that we had to deal with/get rid of. So, we got creative...

Or should I say, FTD got creative...

He came up with the idea to do a Bamboo fence. (Since we have an existing metal fence, we had to work with that.) I was apprehensive to say the least.  I couldn't see how in the hell a reed fence would give me the privacy I needed to feel safe in my backyard.  Then, FTD laid out the harsh truth; If I wanted a privacy fence, this was going to be my best, and only, option.

So I said, DO IT! 

As much as it pains me to admit that I was wrong, and that FTD was right, I have no choice but to do it in this situation. The Bamboo fence is fabulous!  It looks great, our neighbors love it, and in a way, we are doing our part for the planet by going with bamboo over wood.

We also save a shitload of money!

Here's how we did it:

It's super easy for me to say it's super easy to put up the fence, because I didn't do it, but I did pump FTD full of Beer and encouragement! but it's really just four simple steps.

  1. Get fence
  2. Get husband drunk
  3. Offer a zip tie every few feet
  4. Sit and enjoy.

See, EASY!

For a complete breakdown, keep reading!

1. Get the goods: Go to the hardware store and dig through the rolls of bamboo to find the thickest heaviest rolls.  (This is KEY!  Go through every single roll and find the thickest heaviest rolls you can find.  Some are nothing but very thin sticks held together with wire, AVOID THOSE! Look for packs with the majority of reeds being fat.  You will easily be able to tell hen you pick up one roll that weighs 5 pounds, then the next that weighs 20!

I got our rolls at Home Depot.  I went to two different once to find the right rolls. We needed 14. (Hint: Home Depot will match prices, I got them for $17 each last summer!)

2. Attach the rolls to your existing fence using zip ties every few feet. We used zip ties at the top and bottom of the existing fence. (Do front and back for added privacy.)

3. Sit back and enjoy!

Just in case you are wondering, After a year, the fence is still standing, and looks great. Sure it's faded a little, but it's still offering me the privacy I need at a price I can afford! 

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