Toddlers Are Master Manipulators #TerribleThrees

I always heard the 'terrible twos' were nothing compared to the 'terrible threes.'  At the time, I could not imagine how in the hell that could be possible. How could being constantly ignored while every boundary and rule were being tested to the fullest, be nothing compared to three year old behavior?

Seriously how could anything be worse?

Well. I'll tell you how.  Those little shits fight smarter and harder when they turn three.

My kid is brilliant! Unfortunately tat's not always a great thing for me.  He's banked everything he learned during the terrible twos to stay a step ahead of me. He's figured out that if he's fast enough, he can do just about anything. Including but not limited too: eating chocolate or cookies without asking, climbing on the furniture, running away when I say stop and outsmarting me when he's determined. Whether or not he can get away with it, is of no concern to him. The risk is worth the reward of doing things his way.

I try to remind myself that he's just trying to figure out this crazy world for himself. Some days, everything can be an up hill battle. He has to explore everything new he encounters his way; " Do it myself!" I can tell the bulk of his protests are just because he wants to control the situation. He wants things on his terms.

In addition to his brilliance, my kid is as stubborn as a Mule, and sometimes, just as hard to move!  At forty pounds, picking him up when he's determined to stay put is like trying to pick up an elephant in an earthquake. It's like when he falls to the ground during a temper tantrum he centers his weight to make him appear to be four hundred pounds of brick shithouse!

He's become this strong willed and determined little kid. If it weren't for those sweet cuddly and proud mommy moments in between, I would lose my mind!

I keep telling myself every battle will save me a bigger one later.  I'm just thankful that so many people have told me his wild defiant behavior is par for the course for a three year old. While I'm sorry other parents are dealing with the terrible toddler attitude blowouts too, it's nice to know I am not alone.

I can already tell, this year is going to be all about figuring out how to outsmart my toddler before he outsmarts me.

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