He's losing his baby cheeks, so naturally, I'm Freaking Out

HE'S A LITTLE BOY! My toddler is turning into a fart and frog loving little boy!

I swear I put him to sleep last night and he was a round little chubby cheek toddler.  Then, this morning when I rolled over, (of course he had already crawled into bed with me) I was shocked to see the profile of a little boy.  His little cheeks had somehow deflated enough to show his cheek bones and full outline of a little boy's face.

Is it wrong that I want to cry about it? Is it wrong that I want to freeze this sweet toddler time for as long as possible? I'm just not ready to give up my little chubby cheek toddler.

I am just not ready to let go of having a baby. I know he will always be my "baby," but when he becomes a little boy will he always let me hold him tight for a few minutes after he wakes up? Will he still run to be held and comforted when he's sad or scared?  Will he still give me sweet kisses and cuddles for no reason? Will he still snuggle in my lap to watch his favorite TV show?  I'm really afraid of losing all the things I love so much about having a sweet cuddly little toddler.

I'm not ready to trade the Thomas trains for frogs and fart jokes. I'm not ready to trade being able to pick up my melting down toddler for a sassy little boy that can outrun me! I'm not ready to trade books for video games! I'm not ready to stay up all night worrying while he's at his first sleep over...


Seeing him transform almost overnight has been a huge wake-up call. From now on, every time he crawls in my lap I'm going to hold him a little tighter. Every time he gives me an unsolicited hug or kiss, I'm going to cherish the moment and feeling even more than I already do.  Every morning when he wakes up and asks to be held, I am going to hold him close for as long as possible. I'm determined to not find myself looking back wishing I had done these things. I may not be able to freeze time, but I can cherish and embrace every moment to make it last as long as possible...

What will you/did you miss the most about going from toddler to little boy/girl?

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