Spring Is In The Air! You Know What That Means...

It's hard to believe this time last week I was waking up to 11.5" inches of snow.  This morning I woke up to a balmy 59 degrees and chirping birds.

I would say how insane that is, but it's truly par for the course in my city. Snow in May is not unheard of, so I never pack away the winter stuff until June. That being said, I dumped the tubs of stored Spring clothes out into a big pile on the floor yesterday then made clothes angels in it! Spring is in the air and I have BIG PLANS!

I'm so damn excited, I don't know where to start!  Should I spring clean, then start up the DIY and RENO? Or should I make a huge mess then clean?  Now that I think about it, the latter is the vicious cycle in my house.  I clean, the toddler and FTD destroy it, I clean again. rinse. repeat.

For those of you who have just joined the First Time Mom and Dad Crazy Train, last May my husband and I added another 'First' to our list of first timer titles... HOME OWNER!  We are the proud (first time) owners of a nearly 100 year old house in our dream location of our city.  Being that we are broke ass people who gave all of our money to the US government during FTD's Visa and residency process, in order to afford a home in our dream location, we are the proud owners of one hell of a fixer upper! Our beautiful home is a work in progress to say the least...

But the details and fixtures are driving us to restore it to its original beauty, rather than modernize it.

Our kitchen is something out of a really bad 70's nightmare...

Who puts a stove infront of a vent?  Talk about a pasta steam facial! And those counters... are nothing compared to our PLASTIC drawers!  Oh my kitchen... I just want to gut it, is that too much to ask?

And speaking of gut...Our main family bathroom looks like Barbie's, and is about the size of it too.

Oh the 70's... Thank God They are over!

Then there's the yard.  Last Fall I started working with TruGreen to fix our clover and weed covered yard.  Do to weather and other issues, the lawn was not completely restored. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, Trugreen will be back to fix the lawn!

And, of course, in between all of that DIY and RENO excitement, I'll be corralling a non-nap taking three year old who is trying desperately to see if I really can lose shit.


So, if DIY, Renovations and wild toddlers are your thing, and you love a good Epic Fail or a thousand... Then stay tuned every Friday!  I'm starting back up my FRIDAY #DIY & #RENO Spring/Summer series to help those of you in the same boat feel better about your own skills, wild kids and maybe, if we are both lucky, learn a thing or two from my epic fails and the amazing companies I have the pleasure of working with along the way!!!

BRING IT SPRING!  I'm so ready for you... To read more about our house and the Renovations we have already completed, click here!

Do you have big plans this spring and summer? DIY? RENO? Family Vacay?

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