In A Sick Twist Of Events, I Owe A Few Parents An Apology...

My long time followers, and parents of Twos', may remember the posts I wrote about how I was sure my two year old toddler was going to send me to the looney bin's most padded room, then without fail, Parents of children three years old and older just kept saying, "Oh you just wait until he turns three and four."

My being the naive wishful thinking First Time Mom, I said, OH NO! NOT MY KID! He can't get anymore defiant and crazy. So sure of my parenting skills and kid, I told those parents to shut up and piss off with their lies...


It turns out...

They were right. (As-freaking-usual!)

My three year old is a terror.

But here's the thing...

I'm actually really thankful now for their warnings!

All of my posts when My kid was two were cries for help.  Cries of WHERE DID I GO WRONG!  In fact, many of them were more pity party related to oh woe-is-me, not what the hell is wrong with my toddler. I was resigned that he was just a product of FTD and I, and Karma was a bitch.

Now, thanks to those been-there-done-that parents, I know my kid is just on course for being a wild three year old toddler, and I'm not a horrible parent.  In fact, thanks to all of the warnings, I'm not even going to begin to worry about being a horrible parent until my kid turns five! (God Help me, Some say Four is worse than two and three combined!)

Parenting is so hard. The game changes daily.  My tactics are constantly being tested and tweaked. But, somehow, knowing I'm not the only parent with a wild three-year-old, I find comfort in those moments after chasing him all over the store to pry the candy bar out of his hands, knowing I'm not the only mother doing that, it's par for the three year old course. (I'm the mom that doesn't buy him treats at the store except on special occasions, so I don't spend a lifetime buying him crap every visit. Still, being that he is three and thinks he knows all and can do what he wants, he's still trying desperately to change that no treat rule.)

So, to you Been-there-done-that parents who warned me that three would be hell, and I told you to shut up and piss off, you were right. I am sorry.  And thank you.

Thank you for letting me know it's not just my kid who is crazy at three.

Thank you for letting me know I did not completely screw up two, and thus turn him into a wild three.

Thank you for continuing to warn me to stick to the constant time-outs, reprimands and house rules, because eventually it will all pay off... in two years when my kid is five. If I survive...

With all of these thank yous, I do want to add one small disclaimer: While I really appreciate your warnings, when it comes to parenting, I've found denial to be a wonderful place to hang out, so please understand that I will most likely still tell you to shut up and piss off... but please don't, because I totally need your warnings and reminders that my three year old is not the only one who is bat shit crazy.

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