#EpicFail: My Toddler Thinks He's In Charge #ToddlerIndependence



My three year old is so firmly planted in the "Nos," he's ceased to remember any other words exist.

Ollie, Do you want to go to school? No

Do you want to go for a walk? No.

Are you going to be a good boy? No.

Over the last two weeks, the 'Nos' have taken over.  

Of course, the Nos are just a symptom of a bigger more annoying problem; Independence. My toddler is learning, loving and Asserting his independence like a freaking BOSS. 

He's desperate to prove that he's a big boy and completely in-charge of everyone and everything.

I think we all know what I have to say about that...

The other day my neighbor brought over cookies to share. The kid and I were out playing. Or really, I was watching ACT IV of his daily production of, I Can Do What I Want. Screw You And The Rules.  When he saw Mrs. Judy with cookies, he quickly called an intermission and came running...

Me: OH! So now you are going to listen to mommy? 

Ollie: No.

Me: No? Well, then you can't have a cookie if you're going to keep being naughty and not using your listening ears. 

Ollie: OK, I'll be a good boy. 

Me: Really? Promise you're going to be a good boy?

Ollie: No. HAHAHAHAHA  <Runs off>

My neighbor was FLOORED!  She couldn't believe the exchange. She was positive he didn't know the difference between yes and no.  I called him back over, to prove to her he knew exactly what he was doing. FYI: In the time my neighbor was over, Ollie had two timeouts and no cookies.  

I know the 'Nos' are just a phase, and all apart of my toddler gaining his independence and finding his way in this world, but holy shit. 

Ho. Li. Shit. 

I'm so tired of saying, Really, dude, are you kidding me right now? Only to get a 'NO!'  

In the last two weeks, my three year old has spent more time in timeout, than not! FTD is convinced he loves timeout. Ollie is convinced he's winning. 

I'm convinced this is just a phase, and in some horrible awful three-year-old twist of shit, this phase is somehow going to prove nothing compared to what my toddler has up his sleeve next.

Ah... the treacherous threes, I was warned... 

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Alex said...

I don't think this is just a phase. You should take over or else the situation may degenerate. He will grow ignoring your rules you may end suffering.

Anonymous said...

It's a phase. My daughter won't listen to me AT ALL but minds her daycare teachers splendidly. My daughter also spends a great deal of time in time out and loses the use of toys on a daily basis.

April McCormick said...

Ollie's Daycare teachers said it was a phase, but that it was important to stay consistent. I swear my kid really does spend a ridiculous amount of time in time-out. He's just trying to assert his independence. I will win this battle, but clearly not without one hell of a game of tug-of-war first!

Uplifting Families said...

My son is three and didn't really go through this phase. He doesn't always listen but he doesn't dare tell us no all the time.

SuziG said...

My daughter is almost 5. She went through this phase. I thought the threes were bad.... the fours were hell. She is *finally* smoothing out, thankfully, with her attitude. She doesn't always listen, but she is getting better. :) It's something that MOST children go through between the 3's and 5's and then they pick it up again in the teenage years.

April McCormick said...

Oh Hell! That's right... the teenage years. If Karma is real then my kid will think he knows everything and try to prove it!

April McCormick said...

Consider yourself very lucky! The 'no's' are hell