Without A Doubt, This Is One Of My Favorite Things About Being A Parent

Oh those first few weeks of parenting are so difficult. The sleeplessness. The fear of SIDS. The fear of screwing up. The fear of screwing my kid up. The constant second guessing... Then, something magical happens that makes it all melt away... a life-changing smile.

Without a doubt, seeing my son's smile for the first time was magic. Even if it was due to gas. (Which, I'm still not convinced of) His sweet little gummy grin melted my heart. From that moment on, getting my little baby to smile became my full-time job. I made stupid faces, sounds, dropped shit, squeezed shit, threw shit... If I thought it would make him smile, I'd try it.

Then, one day, that sweet gummy grin was followed by a sound that sent a beautiful rush of euphoria through my body; my baby giggled.

Be. Still. My. Heart.

From that moment on, my baby's giggle was the ONLY sound I wanted to hear. I ramped up my stupid faces and sounds, dropped more shit, squeezed more shit, threw more shit. FTD too. Our son must have thought, Where the hell did I land, the world of stupid people?

Still to this day, there is absolutely nothing I love more than seeing my son smile and laugh. Just one little smile can make a bad day, better.  One little infectious laugh can melt all of my stress away in an instant.


 And then there's the whole other ball game; when my son gets super excited.

Oh my goodness I love it when my son shows completely uncensored joy and excitement. Like when he nearly jumps out of his car seat when he sees a train coming, I want to jump out of my seat too. Or when I hand over a new Hot Wheel, the look of pure joy on his face followed by, "Thank you, mommy! I love it.",  the world is a perfectly wonderful place in those few sweet seconds.



Of course there are millions of reasons why I love being a mother, but without a doubt, at the top of that list is living vicariously through my child. Seeing life through his eyes and experiences can only be described as one thing, Incredible.

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