Three Years Ago Today, My Life Was Forever Changed...

Three years ago today (2/2/2012), at 8:04am, an eight-pound four-ounce twenty-one inch long, miracle let out a cry that brought tears to my eyes. My son was here. Safely delivered into this world via c-section. Three years later, I still can't express how great the emotions of excitement, gratitude, fear and happiness were.  I was officially a mother.

Oh. My. Goodness. That first year of motherhood was something else. I'm not sure I ever slept more than three hours straight! I know my son sure didn't. Ollie was never one for sleeping. The first few months he'd wake up every couple of hours through the night to nurse. I thought I would die. But no, it's entirely possible to survive with little to no sleep for months straight.

The most amazing thing about my son's first year of life was how much he accomplished.  He went from being a super slug to being the most animated and happy little baby. He went from exclusive breastfeeding to eating whole chicken breasts with half an avocado for dessert. He started cruising at 7-months, walked at 8-months then took off running at 10-months. Yes, running!

Taken on his 1st birthday.

From 12-months to 24-months, my son's WILD and super funny personality emerged. I always said he was an over-achiever, and he proved that when he started the 'terrible-twos' at 18-months!  He tested every limit he encountered, turned into a picky eater, and ran EVERYWHERE! Seriously. The boy had one gate, RUN!  Now that I think about it... he still runs everywhere!

Thankfully, being a mother got easier as the days went on.  I learned to stop second guessing myself about everything. Most of all, I learned to trust my instincts. We all fell into a nice routine and thankfully, SLEPT!

Then, my son turned two... holy crap what difference a year makes!

By the time he turned two he was a running, talking, wild-child force to be reckoned with! Being that Ollie had an extensive vocabulary by two, he was able to voice his wants, concerns and protests. Which, he did ALL DAMN DAY! He also learned to climb, throw, play soccer and went to play school (Mother's day out) at the church twice a week for the first time! (I got a MUCH needed break.)

Two was much easier than one, minus the wild tantrums, of course...

And so here were are, the first day of three... my heart is heavy with sadness that my baby is growing up, but super excited at the same time to see what the year brings. I pray that we continue to be blessed and healthy. I also pray that I have the strength and patience to survive the terrible threes without losing my shit... I've been warned enough times by been-there-done-that parents to know, three will be eventful...

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