News Flash From Hell: Naps Don't Last Forever. #ByeByeNaptime

After being repeatedly warned by been-there-done-that parents, that somewhere after a child's third birthday, naps cease to happen, I knew it was coming. Still, I didn't want to believe it. My toddler was going to be different. My kid is crazy and never stops going; he's constantly climbing, smashing, terrorizing and/or eating, surely all of that wild activity would be enough to keep my toddler needing a mid-day recharge!

I know I need a nap just watching all that activity.

But, no.

No. No. No. No. No.

For the first time ever, my kid is not different.  He is right on track!  DAMMIT!

I'm living proof that no matter how much you wish, plead, beg or would happily sell your soul to hold on to, one day that dependable daily oasis of solitude in the middle of the day ceases to exist, and in its place you have a toddler refusing to sleep.

I begged.  He refused.

I tried to bribe him. He refused.

I made threats. He Laughed. Then refused.

<Insert four-hundred four-letter words dotted with WTF? Why ME! Why Now! It's the dead of winter, we're stuck inside, NOOOOOOO!>

Finally, when I was holding onto the last shred of my insanity, I caved. "Fine, don't sleep. But you're staying in your room for another half-hour and having quiet time."

The entire time I kept thinking, NO, this can't be. Not now!  It's the damn dead of winter, we are stuck inside and that nap is all I have to look forward to after a morning of toddler terrorizing!

FYI: We are on day three of snow days home. Or my fifth day with FTD and Ollie terrorising me. And with -15 degree temperatures in the forecast with negative 20 degree plus windshields, school is out all week for FTD and Ollie.

Holy shit, I'm going to die.

The parents that warned me about naps ending also told me to still make him have "rest-time" so I could still claim a few moments of peace and quiet; whether that be in his room playing quietly or laying on the couch watching a movie.




I need COMPLETE quiet where there is no stress or worry that my wild kid is going to climb the corner cabinet then launch himself off of it.

I don't care, I'm not giving up on this naptime thing yet. I am going to try for it everyday until all hope is lost.

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