Today Is The Day. Everything Is Going To Change... For The Better...

Over the last near four years, I have watched my butt, appetite and indifference for exercise grow at an alarming rate. I'm 36, but feel like 100.  I have a hell of a time getting out of bed in the morning, I eat crap all day, and barely spend ten solid minutes moving each day. Sure I chase my toddler, but in short bursts.

You see, I've been lying to myself for the last four years...

Lie one:  I'm growing a baby, I need to eat these things... these naughty things I NEVER would have eaten so freely pre-pregnancy. (Weekly Dairy Queen Blizzard, Alfredo pasta, bagels, pizza... you know pregnancy staples.) #FAIL!

Lie Two: I'll breastfeed the fat off... I'm here to tell you, two years of breastfeeding did nothing for erasing my butt. #FAIL!

Lie Three: Chasing a toddler around will get me back in shape.  Not. even. close. #FAIL!

I am not alone in my lies, mother after mother supported them. 

"Trust your cravings, your body knows what it needs."
"Breastfeeding makes the fat melt off."
"Wait until you start chasing your toddler around, the fat will melt off."

Not only did I breastfeed, but I chased a toddler around for two solid years, and not one freaking pound "melted off."

Of course, I half-ass dieted and exercised intermittently over the last four years. In fact, last February I got back into yoga. I was going regularly 3-4 times a week for three months. The pounds did start melting off... then we bought a house. I traded my yoga mat for a paint brush and gardening.  While the weight at least leveled out, I was still twenty pounds up from pre-pregnancy.  Yes, twenty pounds!

You all, I am so sick of trying on fifteen outfits before a date night or girls night out just to find one that not only fits, but that I feel good in.  I am sick of feeling like crap inside. Most of all, I am sick of lying to myself.

I'm 36 years-old. Pounds don't just melt off anymore. It takes work and determination.

I'm finally drawing a line. I am going to reclaim my health and body. Starting today!

Over the weekend, I went through the cupboards and refrigerator and threw all the sugary high fat shit away.  I went to the grocery store and picked up healthy snacks for the family and plenty of fruits and veggies and lean meats for meals. I bought a pilates package from Groupon and rejoined my Yoga studio.

Let me be clear before I go any further, I am not on a diet or a crazy exercise kick. I'm changing my lifestyle.

I'm changing my family's lifestyle.

Diets end; Healthy lifestyles last.

The only way I will succeed at my weight loss and health goals is if I make a complete lifestyle change.

Being that I'm fortunate enough to not have any health or dietary issues, I am 100% in control of my body and the food that goes into it.

There are no excuses anymore.

No more lies.

I'm taking a stand, and holding myself accountable.  I have no one to blame for failing.

Today, I am setting in motion the standard of health and wellness for my family, and I feel really good about it. I know I can do this. I'm staying mindful of the food I eat and devoting three days a week to fitness working up to five.  I'm not talking about becoming a Yoga/Pilates/Zumba instructor. That's crazy talk! Just making exercise a part of my life, in a manageable way

Bottom line: Failure is not an option. I don't want to be this overweight and tired anymore.  I can, and will, get my shit together.

If you want to join me, get ready to kick off the first 30/30 challenge of 2015 on February 1st.  I'm two weeks ahead so I can test my theories and show you that it can be done.

30/30 Challenge 
Jump start 2015
February 1, 2015

Create a healthy lifestyle

This month get control of your crappy snacking, soda drinking and couch potato tendencies.
Clean out the pantry then restock it with healthy choices
Buy veggies and fruit not chips and candy.
Sign up for at least on yoga/spin/Pilate's class (working up to 3-4 a week)

Read more about the 30/30 challenge, here

Are you already jump starting your 2015?  What's working, what's not?

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