THIS Is Why You Don't Mess With A Mother! #Bringit #OhNoYouDidnt

This morning I nearly dropped my coffee when I saw the dash cam video of a mother chasing down a bank fraud suspect trying to evade the police... I was like, WHAT? Then I heard why she chased the suspect down, and I knew instantly she couldn't help herself; her inner lioness came out...

Just so we're on the same page before I explode on this, here is the news story:
Headline: "Less than a week after running the Houston Marathon, a Texas mother (Miranda) tackles a bank fraud suspect trying to evade police."
It turns out, the woman Miranda tackled was the passenger in a car she witnessed  trying to evade police reaching speeds of 70 miles an hour... near the school Miranda's daughters attend! After seeing the car hit a curb and blowout two tires, and the passenger jump out and run, Miranda chased her down! First she cut the suspect off with her car, told her to STOP! and then jumped out and chased her down on foot! When she caught up with her, all 110-pounds of her crazy lioness ass SLAMMED the suspect to the ground!  

HAHAHAHAHA! She is my freaking hero! 

In the news interview Miranda said:
“I told my husband I didn't know where the strength came from, but I picked her up... she was probably twice my weight, and laid her down on the ground, then held her arm behind her, and sat on her until the cops got there. She could have killed somebody, and I said that to her when I had her on the ground"  
I'll tell you where the strength came from, her inner lioness

All mother's have an inner lioness. 

There is no doubt in my mind, the second she saw that car driving fast and crazy by her daughters' school, she lost her mind. So much so, she snapped into lioness mode and did whatever it took to make sure her girls were safe from that nonsense. 

You wanna see the eye of the tiger? Mess with a mother's child. Warning: It will be the last eye you see before yours get clawed out! It's no secret, all mother's have a wild inner lioness. The second you put her child in danger, she will pounce on your ass! 


What do you think, was she crazy to get involved, or would you do the same thing? Have you experienced your inner lioness

Here is the news story if you want to watch it...

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