Parenting Lesson #412 Learned The Hard Way... Don't Screw Up Birthdays

I'm feeling like such an ass right now.  Ollie's birthday is going to get here before his presents.  Like 4-6 days before. #EpicFail

My only saving grace is that the kid is turning 3 and still has no expectations for his birthday...

In four days, Ollie will be three. (I can hardly stand it. How is he already three?!) With Christmas and his birthday being barely a month apart, FTD and I made a game plan for splitting up his big gifts between the two so we didn't go broke. The plan was to get Ollie a Choo-Choo table for Christmas, and a big boy bed for his Birthday.

Last week, FTD and I finally decided on the bed. It's a super cute fire engine bed with storage steps.   FTD and I have already had the conversation about how FTD's going to go sleep in it when Ollie kicks him out of our bed with repeated kicks. I told FTD I'd already be there since I usually get roundhouse kicked first.

Basically, we are getting the bed for ourselves...

Being the procrastinator from hell that I am, I JUST ordered the bed online thinking we could pick it up in the store.


The bed is out of stock and has to be shipped to either my house or the store.


 Out of curiosity, I checked to see how much express shipping was...


What the hell?

I didn't want the bed that bad!  So, by next Friday it is... too bad that's four days after Ollie's birthday!

Dammit, I suck!

In an effort to fix my fail, I asked Ollie what he would like for his birthday.

Ollie: A cake with a candle.

OMG! How sweet is that?!

He's been to enough birthday parties to know, the birthday boy/girl gets a whole cake with candles to blow out.

After a little more coaxing, he said he wanted a trampoline like at his favorite toddler tumbling gym.

SCORE!  I go right online to find a store to buy it at.

No store in the city has one in stock.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Why? Why? Why?

So now I have a bed and trampoline being delivered days after his birthday!

You have no idea how awesome this will be for the wild-one.
I also booked his birthday party for the following weekend to avoid conflicting with Super Bowl.

So, on his birthday he's not getting his bed, trampoline or party with his friends.

How's that for some serious first-world parenting problems?!

Don't worry, I have a plan!

On Ollie's birthday, FTD and I are taking him to his favorite place for dinner, at which time, I plan to tell him we are going to have a BIG birthday weekend with awesome presents,  a trip to the circus and a birthday party with his friends. Hopefully, since he has no expectations of a big birthday complete with lots of gifts, he will happily buy into my "birthday weekend" plan.

I still suck. Lesson learned.

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